Graduating newbie seeks team construction help

Been playing for a few months now, level 30. Roster now contains more than a dozen 4*, so cross-hero skill synergy should be more and more important, but… I guess I haven’t really learned how to see it and how to play to make it work. I was F2P for a while, but bought VIP in December and have spent coffee money on top of it since. Got really lucky in January with two Costume pulls and a 10-pull; I have Vela (x2) and Liannna waiting for attention, someday, and Horghall as well.

Roster of 4*:

  • Chao 4.70
  • Proteus 3.60
  • Kiril 3.60
  • Scarlett 3.60 + 2x Scarlett 1.1
  • Little John 3.36
  • Sabina 3.44
  • Colen 3.60 + Colen 1.1
  • Grimm 3.47
  • Triton 1.1
  • Ameonna 1.1
  • Gadeirus 1.1 + Gadeirus 1.1
  • Rigard 1.1
  • Skittleskull 1.1
  • Melendor 1.1

Selected 3* (about 20 3.50 heroes in total):

  • Belith 3.50 +4
  • Balthazar 3.50
  • Hawkmoon 3.50 +4 costume3.50 + Hawkmoon 1.12
  • Brienne 3.50 +6
  • Friar Tuck 3.50 +2
  • Bane 3.50 +3

On raid offense, I’m running Kiril - Proteus - Chao - Scarlett - Belith (about 2900). I don’t have AM yet to get Kiril past 3.60, so running a single healer didn’t work for me. Belith has been super useful also for debuffing, since Riposte will tear me up. Mana control with Proteus has been great, but often I can’t bring that into play fast enough to avoid getting gutted first. With this team I can get into Gold, but if I get over about 1350-1400 cups I’m almost always going to lose the next battle even if I spend a ton of ham to pick an opponent under 2900 TP.

It feels like I lose to TP 2750 opponents too often for it to just be “bad tiles”, so either I’m missing something in how I play, or I need to change my attack team. I’ve read some articles on stacking, but it doesn’t seem to make sense to me; might be my roster just isn’t full enough to make it a viable tactic for me, or it could be I just haven’t caught on to the trick yet.

On defense, I replace Belith with Little John for extra mana control, TP 2950. That’s been keeping me at the bottom edge of Gold, sometimes getting up to 1300 or so.

Guidance or suggestions would be very welcome.

(Oh, and with PoV underway, I guess I ought to get into some kind of alliance and start learning to kill Titans, too; I’d like to be able to earn those points. Hints are welcome; the recruiting part of the forum is a bit bewildering for a just-graduated newbie.)

I usually color stack against other teams front hero, you have decent heroes for it. If it’s green use a team with Scarlett and Colen, if it’s red use kiril and Grimm etc. Might not be the perfect solution, but your heroes will get stronger and you’ll see your cups go up!

My alliance is open if your looking also. Hangin N Bangin is the alliance. No stress join if you’d like to. Thanks

When color-stacking, which color do you drop out to double up? In your example, if going against a red tank, I’d use Kiril and Grimm, but who would Kiril replace? I would guess Scarlett, rather than Chao, but this particular trade-off is the one I’ve never been quite clear on.

Thanks for the pointer!

Drop the green as green is weak against red

Kiril + Chao + Grimm + Scarlett + Proteus/Sabina/Rigard/Melendor for attack.

Scarlett + Chao + Kiril + Rigard + Grimm for defence.

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