Grace – 5* Nature / Green - September 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

He actually does nothing to existing fiends in the way of removal. He only protects against incoming friends and reduces the damage and effects of fiends to zero for three turns. He is decent against fiend summoners if he goes off first, but other than that he’s just a sniper.



They literally take any hero I post and make it live :smiley: They almost went with the same art for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Kalimot = Grace // can you see it? :slight_smile:


Ranvir seeing Grace: heavy breathing

Photon, lol, this is exactly what i’m planning to do. I also pulled Guan Ju (together with Grace), so It’ll be a nice fivesome:)

Still waiting for her to pop out from some portal. She will be the last HOTM i am planning to invest on this year. SO hoping she makes it before the month end.


Nice! Your artwork is better lol


I haven’t gotten her either… I don’t love her for my team… But after franz is done levelling… I’d like to have someone to put my green feeders.

Just curious as to why his passive works against him? Takes 25% extra damage from poison? What was your idea behind this?

I hope we dont see such passives :stuck_out_tongue:


Hah, thanks for asking :slight_smile:

Well, at the time of this hero creation (idea), he would be considered strong. He has much utility for himself as well as teammates, while also doing dmg…

Thats why I added a slight weakness for him, to balance him out :slight_smile:

Nowadays, he would need a boost in his special power to keep up with current heroes and wouldnt need extra harm for himself…

Though gotta admitt, I kinda like idea of heroes that can be rewarding but also carry potential risks… I feel there arent nearly enough of them in E&P and are mostly just straightforward ones :slight_smile:

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I was so excited last year when I pulled Elradir as a counter to all the DoT heros but then after maxing him and throwing 10 emblems on him I realized that he can’t keep up with DoT heroes due to his average SS… waste of time

However with Grace being a fast hero I think she will do well as a counter to taunts. I pulled her and will max her after Silvaria. Silvaria is not a counter hero so I don’t mind her SS being average.

At least they seem to have learned from Elradir… wish they buff Elradir even by just speeding up his special.


with my 2021 family heroes, if I have two of them on the same team their extra applies to everyone not just heroes of their respective colors as they would otherwise. I am hoping it is somewhat similar this year


Oops! I Missed it again…

Just drew her today from a free tower pull. Has anyone tried her out on a titan with her special defense down? Would she be worth a spot on a pretty weak green team?

Titans rely on Tile damage. Grace has no place in titan teams. She is great for setting up the enemy for kill shot using snippers. With her a DD card and snipper is a kill shot for any level enemy card. She is similar to Mist in terms of SS down. She is a good hit 3 hero at fast speed. so i you do not have a great roster she will definitely be a automatic choice.


She would be ok. Depends on the titan team. Her then lianna them el nadd… It would help with damage… But… It wouldn’t be in line with the paradigm… Atk up, def down, el def down, tile damage up, crit up.

I would say it depends on ones collection, simply. :slight_smile: I still have Fura on my Dark team vs Yellow Titan, simply because, I haven´t got anything better. Is it great - no. Is it the Titan team everyone dreams of, or does it have the heroes everyone recommends - no.

But it´s what I have to work with, and that´s just it. She replaced a three star - so it´s better than what I had when I was just getting started with the game, at least.:slight_smile:

Good luck ahead :four_leaf_clover:


I dont have a green EDD so I would take Grace instead until I get a green EDD… it all depends on your roster…

If you have all the below then she is not needed

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I’m definitely not getting Grace this month… but… I did ok all things considered… though I was super pissy about getting gaillard… I’m am 1000% less pissy about pulling NYX. So… definitely softens the blow.


Both are amazing heroes! Good pulls!