Grace – 5* Nature / Green - September 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

It’s the Zeline incident all over again.

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Looks is secondary. Gonna use her with Evelyn and Francine.

Well humans are the odd animals as so often, in this case because of us walking on 2 legs instead of 4 a lot of the anatomy got moved around, so our females have their genitalia facing forward, but all other animals that walk on 4 legs would have them facing backwards.
Obviously not too many people nowadays have close contact with deer, but cows are built the same way. Or if there aren´t any farm animals to look at, just check the next dog you meet :smiley: Btw don´t worry dogs don´t mind checking of genitalia, they do it every time they meet … Just make sure its a generally friendly dog first, some of them are real ■■■■■■■ :smiley:

Btw you aren´t entirely wrong either, in the indicated spot there should actually be an udder, but isn´t. Well let´s blame it on it being a hybrid creature and it leaving the milk production to the human half. Apparently human breasts are more acceptable than the animal version? Or the artist just wasn´t very good at biology…

Oh while we are at that topic, something many artists get wrong: deer don´t have spots when grown, only their babies do. I blame Disney for that one. Unless our Grace here is a 1 year old deer half with a 25 year old human half…


Haha!! Thank you for this. I learned something new today. I live in the city so we dont get to see much farm/forest animals. And im not too much of an animal person so i dont take care of dogs or cats. I just thought that the way grace stood that she was quite revealing… haha, i guess that was borne out of ignorance on my part! Cheers mate!


Maybe SG didn’t get it quite right as some have pointed out and her artwork is hideous, but I personally commend SG for introducing a new hero (perhaps niche) as a way to counteract strong heroes, rather than nerfing them down after everybody pulls them (cough Krampus cough)

Lots of taunt heroes about these days, so this would be a welcomed addition, although I would need a bit more roster depth before justifying the time and resources to level her.

Gosh, she really does look terrible

I find her really good actually, she´s going to be the hardest hitting green hero I have, so for me it´s not a niche hero at all, but the go to green damage dealer with an added skill def down. The taunt thing… well whatever, can´t hurt of course :slight_smile:

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I pulled her too and with her, I have every element for HOTM 2022.


I hope bonus will be decent.


Wasted passive skill
I’d rather block all buffs with C.Sabina
Her hit 3 is good other than that she is just an okish hotm that i wont limit break or maybe even wont level up…but thats just me

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While I do agree that her proportions are off I don’t think she at all hideous, quite the opposite. She cute, not in a bastet way but, I mean cute in a "don’t let my innocent stare fool you buddy…I’m here to shut you down " kind of cuteness.


That means the 2022 bonus will be healing. Perfect for all non healers (klearn not included)

This hero looks like a doe that got an operation to add that rack and be a buck. I mean, what is up with the two racks??? She should just have the one lower one.


Anyone have a leveled, emblemed, and LB’d Grace to share?


yeah, I wonder that too. The whole topic is about her art, which is not helpful.


She might not be great but still good nonetheless.

I’ve found one and added to @Bukefal ’s LB 5* hero database


Excellent! 20 characters of “thank you”

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I don’t love Grace, but I think I’ll level her to 3/70.

Are there any other fiend-blockers in the game?

Fiends bother me more than taunters. This hero will likely block both with the 2022 synergy.

Galliard, Wuang Yusnji destroys fiends before boosting health, Esme and Tahir same as Grace with fire heroes. Probably forgetting some

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