Grace – 5* Nature / Green - September 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

She looks so weird. lol

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I got her and I think I will pair her with my two other fast 3-hitters that are maxed and fully emblemed:
Almur - Grace - Elkanen.
Unfortunately I need about 2-3 months to max her.


I´d say she´s in the race for the ugliest hero card ever lol…
The full pic is somewhat better than the usual screenshot, but still… what is that weird shield she´s wearing? Looks like a chastity belt for the human half lol. Which then of course brings up a whole bunch of questions about anatomy… human or deer genitals or both? But then the human genitals would be on the chest of the deer part lol, very confusing and far too kinky for me …

No more thinking about this, I stick to my opinion she´s certainly one of the best Hotm this year! And one of the best for damage output at fast speed ever!


Haha, that reminded me about a picture I once saw:


Indeed, she is a very good HOTM. 2022 is a pretty awesome millesime with Kara, Tahir, Arfanias and now Grace. But well yeah… what a disturbing design. I can’t stand her stare. It’s quite like she’s proud of herself or something, but with a lack of intelligence. :laughing:

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Somehow Klaern did not make your list!?

I would add Iris tho, multi turn dispel is very good.


Somehow Klaern did not make your list!?

Who ? :face_with_monocle: :rofl:

I’ve forgotten Iris that’s right. She is a very good HOTM too.

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Congrats on getting her @Sorvina .

To deep rosters she is pretty niche. Her EL is universally great. Players without deep rosters will use her as a hit 3, which can be hard to find in green. If her special skill specific D drop stacks with standard D drop and EDD, that can be pretty damaging.

Truthfully though, no one can be more excited to have her around than this guy:

:heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:



So you can’t disappoint your Ranvir! You must summon Grace for him! What a cough cough beautiful cough cough couple! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you!


She’s definitely a top contender in the category “worst artwork ever”. I’m sorry, but seems like a deer has stuck his head in a child-with-elongated-torso-and-gollum’s-arms’s ■■■. Disturbingly weird.


Oh my goodness. I had not seen her full art work until now. It´s so disturbing :scream:

It could have been very great though - the idea is there. But either make her have all hooves on all four, or not at all. They are just far too skinny at the front and then look like bony legsinstead. And the colour of those shouldn´t be the same as the torso - which is far too high above. The proportions needs some love. :hearts: :pray:

Gosh. I cannot unsee it. What a big shame. I adore the elven, antler-look normally.


Or something like this:

I´m sorry, I do not mean to critizise the artist. I just find it such a shame, because it could have been so great, and there ideas are there - I care deeply about these fantasy creatures in another game. :green_heart: :deer: :pray:

Totally off topic :smile:

Her stats looks interesting, and her spell too!


Here’s what I think of the new HOTM!


telluria married with female deer, and then grace was born.


Grace is HOTM, easier to get than event heroes, so don’t expect too much :sweat_smile:

Ok… this kinda creeps me out a bit…should SG maybe cover her up a bit more?


lol! Lucky for SG there is nothing to see from that angle on a female deer :smiley: But they could pull that weird boat thing all the way around to cover both female parts just in case she ever turns around???


Ahaha, sorry, didnt know that about female deers… :sweat_smile:

Doe! (Doh)

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