"Gotta Go Fast" is the meta

Hypothesis: color stacking with fast heroes is, by far, the most effective way to win a raid.

Example: I go to war against a 4.2k TP team. I bring a 3:2 stack to the match, but I’m still short 300 team points compared to the enemy. I make up for the difference by bringing fast-action hitters, and stacking against the tank. By round 5, with moderate luck, I’ve taken out the tank. Now, if my heroes are “average/slow” speed, I’ll be subject to enemy specials before I can fire mine off. However, if my heroes are “fast” speed, I can pop off the threats and not let them run specials on me.

Ergo: It’s not worthwhile to ascend slow/average heroes by late game, unless they are tanks, or they are mana-control heroes. Otherwise I just can’t see it. Frida is a fancy HotM with lots of cool secondary effects. And yet Magni is more effective in raids because he’s fast. Likewise, Colen is a scary little 4-star, but I’d take Scarlett over him any day for war, because Colen dies before his special pops.

Anybody disagree? Anybody think this will change? A level 22 troop turns an ‘average’ hero into a ‘fast’ hero, so there’s that, at least. But when I consider which 5-stars to elevate, there’s just no way I can pick anything but a ‘fast’ hero in good faith.

Curious if others agree or disagree.


One small correction… mana troop level 23 (not 22) makes an average hero charge with one less stone… not a fast hero…
Healers are always good for raiding …
At war yes you can make 1/2 nice teams with just fast hero snipers… and what about the remaining 4 flags?
For single raiding i might see your point…
At war you must analyse your heroes and try to build as many competitive teams as you can…
It may also depends on your playstyle…

My opinion 3-2 is a good choice but…
I include 1 healer (with the colour i take less heroes) 1 debuffer 1 buffer (the mana is one of my last concerns) sometimes mono sometimes 4-1 sometime 3-2 … this because i also work my teams based on my oponent team.


I’ve called this the “fast-and-faster” shift to the meta. And, yes, it’s a thing.

Level 23 troops help a lot; 9 tiles to fire an average-speed hero is much easier to get than 10. When I bring Athena+Alasie, with an L23 mana troop under Athena, more often than not their specials will come up together. Same with Panther+Hel (with the L23 under Hel).

To your list of exceptions, I’d add resurrectors (Alberich & Mother North). It’s great if they fire early in the battle, but even firing late can be a game-changer.

To your specific example, if you’re bringing Frida in as your lone ice, it’s not surprising she doesn’t seem effective. Like all of these -elemental-defense heroes, she thrives in the company of others of the same color. Still, I’d rate Panther and Evelyn a half-notch better than Frida because of their fast mana speed, which means they’ll be ready at the same time as, or ahead of, their paired strikers (except Kage). Likewise Jackal is >> than Falcon because of the V.Fast vs. Average mana.

BTW, once you get used to having some V.Fast heroes with L11 troops on them, “Fast” heroes begin to feel slow. I finished off a raid recently where I had only Kage left vs. three foes. Lucky alignments let me ghost three match-3s in a row, each one charging Kage and letting me kill one of the remaining (wounded) foes. Sweet victory; Kage was insufferable over dinner that night.


You’ve got a way with words Kerridoc - that last bit about Kage cracked me up.

Thanks for the feedback, I totally agree about ressurecters. Alberich has served me very well on offense, despite slow speed.

As for Kage… He’s the only hero I really, really, really want. I’ll probably be pulling Atlantis at the end of the month.

I suggest you wait until he is in featured heroes off atlantis otherwise the% of getting him is near 0.


When asked (and sometimes when not asked) I recommend the faster hero most of the time.

Some a so special that speed matters less but a slighter weaker but faster sniper is better in almost all cases. Average speed heroes may have wonderful specials but if they get annihilated before firing, they didn’t serve their purpose.

Raiding Diamond there are loads of Guin tanks with Kage and GM flanking, if you can’t fire quickly you won’t fire and you will lose.

Isarnia, Azlar, Colen are all relevant for Raid Tournaments and those that already invested in them can benefit, those that didn’t (include me here) cannot and with loot as it is and still needing more war ready 5* they will continue to wait their turn.

Tournaments seemed to be directly aimed at this issue and I find it is a LOT more fun to raid there with the wide variety of team structures than the standard raids.

Kudos to those high level players setting out very unique defense teams.

I have 31 strong heroes (maxed or close)
1 very fast - Valeria
There are my ALL fast heroes (+Sonia but she is still to weak now)

I’m reagulary kicking 4100TP+ teams with my slow-average mixes (3-1-1 in raids mono in wars).

I prefer Khagan over Marjana. I love attacking teams with 4 sniper, usually they didn’t oneshoting my heroes except heroes like LJ or Scarlett.

I want Viv and Quintus(yes I want pull him and max)
IMO there is still much space for slow and average heroes, snipers are cool ofc, they hitting strong and chargning fast but slow heroes are destructive. For example,
Isarnia need 4 more tiles than Magni but:

Magni can kill max 1 hero at once

Isarnia (can kill all but rarely in one shot) hiting strong all alive heroes, she cast -44% def for all enemies.
After using her I’m winning 90-95% raids

Fast snipers are specialized for corners for me.