Gotta catch ‘em all S1 5* edition

Post your S1 5* fully ascended heroes here. Who is still eluding you and how hard are you trying to get them. Who’s your favorite and why?

This thread is for shamelessly humble bragging your generic heroes.

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I’ve got everything except Horghall and Elena in some working order.

Obakan gets the most use on offense. Khagan on farming and defense. Azlar is neglected


I’m missing Justice, Kadilen and Marjana…
my favourite core 5* performance award goes to Lianna, my favourite for sympathy is Richard.

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I have ZERO maxed s1 5 stars. Closest is Joon at 4/26. /brag

I’m still missing the majority of them; in particular vivica (my favorite hero in the entire game) and lianna; but, I’m already thinking of closing down my TC 20s. I’d rather use the recruits for feeders atm.

I finally got Viv in the last week and she’s got a backseat to Mist. That would have been nice earlier.



Wow. I’m missing more than I realized.


Maybe I’ll get lucky when I decide to collect on my tc20. Lol

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These are mine:

I happened to answer this elsewhere a couple days ago:

It’s a bit of a tossup for me — I use all of Lianna, Joon, Magni, Richard, and Azlar quite a lot, so I don’t really have a favorite.

Vivica gets a decent amount of usage, although far less than Rigard or other healers.

Quintus and Leonidas get some usage. Maybe I’ll rotate them into my standard Raid teams so I can use them more.


@Cruzcampo my old buddy how ya doing?

I’m still missing Azlar, Richard, Quintus, leonidas.

All other s1 are at max or 3-70.

No key favourite.

How hard am I trying to complete the collection- not very tc20 will deliver on day. Or not

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I still need Sartana, Thorne, Isarnia, Vivica. And for Joon and Lianna I have the costumes, but not the heroes…


That is sad on Joon and Lianna.

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I´ve run 2 TC20 for about 5 to 5 1/2 months, and was able to get many 5* heroes:

  • :red_circle: Marjana, Elena and Khagan
  • :yellow_circle: Joon, Leonidas, Justice and Vivica
  • :green_circle: Lianna and Elkanen
  • :large_blue_circle: Isarnia, Magni and Thorne (x2)
  • :purple_circle: Obakan

I´ve maxed only Joon, Lianna and Magni so far, though. Waiting on ascension materials to work on Vivica and Isarnia. Missing Sartana from the snipers, I have the materials to ascend 2 purples right now, but don´t know if Obakan is worth it…


Obakan deals 115% of Kingston’s damage.

Riposte is either something you know about and use on offense, or you ignore the heroes.

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Really? He doesn´t get much love here on the forum…

I´m gonna check his stats and study him more now, thanks for the information :slight_smile:

This is probably going to feel like a flex, but it isn’t supposed to…

Fully Leveled

And then…

Sartana will be at 3-70 for a long time, Viv-c is on her way to getting darts, Magni was just pulled and would like to get him leveled…Zero plans for the rest (+kahgan who I forgot to include) or their duplicate brethren.

I believe I am only missing Lianna, who I would love and would get tonics immediately.

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I have them all but there’s many that I haven’t leveled.

The fast 5

I doubt the others will be touched anytime soon.

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I dont have any S1 5 fully leveled . However these are my heroes.

I Hope TC 20 deliveres more soon!

By the way i almost forget It.

My favourite S1 5* is Isarnia . I love her desaign (i wish her to be average speed only ) but i like her desaign and art. She is not a bad hero either


In addition to these fully leveled, I have:

  • Sartana at 4/59
  • 2x Domitia, 2x Vivica, 2x Magni, Thorne, Richard, and Azlar at 3/70

Still missing Kadilen, Elena, and Leonidas - I want them all.

Favorite, difficult to say. Magni was my first maxed 5* and I still like him. Isarnia + Vela is quite deadly combination, once she is charged. And 2x Lianna…


Color coded!! :heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart: it.


Last I was missing was Richard, who I got 2 costume events ago. I was really glad that the costume came with the base hero as well!

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