Got the mats for a few ascensions, which blue, which green?

I was thinking frida for the elemental defense down. Maybe zeline for war depth or Bertila for war depth/rush tournaments? Squirrel for titans? But I appreciate any suggestions!

Frida 3.70 is okay functional, IMO I would ascend Cobalt 1st, and Frida after that.
Green… I would ascend MN even already have Heimdall. MN is game changer, 50% revive.


I would ascend Cobalt then Frida.
In Green rata because you already have, frigg, tarlak and almur. It could be a nice team for legendary events…

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Blue: to me is no-brainer, Cobalt 1st. To be fair I also like Raffaele very much, slow but very solid healer.
Green: i would go for MN.

My 2 cents :slight_smile:

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Cobalt is a top hero in the game, he’s first and Frida next. With I’d do Zeline or Rat…depending on if you think you need another healer…and on that is great for titans.


Blue: Cobalt, Frida, Skadi
Green: Zeline, MN, Rat

This is based on your current roster assuming mono attacks

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