Got the feeling that fight against Titans get slower and slower

Hello my most-liked Forum mates!

Recently I got the feeling that in titan fights:

-titans special animation lasts longer
-game stopps a second after titans special/hit, so that I have to wait this second to swap next tile of activate my special
-minions ( yes, I use them sometimes) fire slower than on map
-tiles fall slower (not 100% sure about this, if only milliseconds)

Please add your commends/experiances…THANKS!

I didnt notice a difference.

How much coffee do you drink ? :smile:

:rofl: Got the problem even in the morning before my first :coffee: Seriousely…

before your first coffee??? craziness, nothing comes before the first coffee!!

as for getting slower, their animations have been horribly slow as long as I have been playing, I don’t notice a difference (other than in my own patience).

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Also some mates for my alliance noticed it…especially minion run like a machine gun on map but against titans more like using bow and arrow…

I noticed it too. Mostly my troop attacks are moving much slower. When I match the tiles it lags and the combos, however rare these days, move much slower, as if to run out the clock.

Some of these lasts FOREVER, blamed my phone but I see I’m not the only one.

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