Got the epic offer didnt get ascension mats

I got everything else I was suppose to get. But Ive noticed that i did not get my cape or orb.

Had this, too!! Just made a screenshot when I was rewarded with a hidden knife after a war - and good thing I did that!! For it didn’t show up in my inventory!

Yeah wait, I just bought the trap tools deal and it’s not showing up as a new item in my inventory. I got the gems, but not the tools. Interestingly, I got a Hidden Blade from the war and that one showed up in the inventory. Hmmm…what do we do?

…at least it never showed up with a “new” tag like items usually do. I’ve closed the game and opened it back up, checked for an update, gave it a few minutes.

Some of my alliance mates say that sometimes it indicates a new item and sometimes it doesn’t. I can’t be sure whether or not I got it. I know I didn’t get the notification but they said sometimes it’s added without the notification.

Do you remember whether you had trap tools before? Is there an additional one now?

(Are we dealing with a missing items error, or just a missing notification?)

As always, if you need help, please contact Game Support, here:

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Thanks! I’m thinking maybe I just didn’t get the notification? I wish I would have paid better attention to how many I had before.

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I believe it is a missing notification. This has happened to me a few times lately as well. The notification isn’t there (disconcerting) but the mat did get credited - at least in my case.

This missing notification issue (and it absolutely is an issue), needs to be fixed.

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This happens constantly, just keep a screen shot of your ascention mats and when u get something new u update ur screenshot and that way u have more control.
True that sometimes it notifies new items but sometimes it doesnt, but it does credit u anyways.

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