Got kicked from war

You already know what happened, it’s a common complaint. My flag is missing and I didn’t even get to look at the tile board. I clicked attack and then the game froze.

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I also got kicked off the war. I took down all but 2 of the enemy’s heroes , I had all of my heroes and then I got kicked off, lost my battle flag and when I came back on. All the opposing heroes were back?..


I actually treat this as another “war rule”. It seems to happen every war. I guess you could say it’s fair because it’s affecting both parties randomly :thinking:


It sucks because it took my flag and counts my heroes as having been used already in war. That means 1 out of my 4 viable teams is just removed from war.


Exactly. And I havent seen a war yet where one or more players haven’t been affected by this bug. I call it the “war bug”.

One war it happened to one of our players AND one of theirs. That at least felt somewhat fair!

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