Got charged 75 gems for continuing

I just got popped 75 gems for a continuation that I didn’t click on. I opened a ticket about 90 minutes ago but haven’t heard back from anyone yet. Is this a common occurrence? Those 75 gems are costing me a chance for a 10 pull on the current event…

Their Finland office is currently closed. You might hear from them tomorrow, but it could be a few business days.
I wouldn’t count on a refund though.

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Ok…I understand the time difference now. Why don’t you think that they will refund it? I didn’t click it?

Can you provide evidence for that?

No - but hopefully they can see it on their end …

What does your activity log say?

It’s not shown in my log…

Then you might have a fighting chance

They should be in the office in roughly 5-6 hours. I’m not sure where your request is in the queue.

If you get an email from them, reply to that email; don’t open a second request…it just makes the process take longer.

Good luck!


I was denied because I supposedly would get a competitive advantage by getting to use the gems again? That’s funny - I didn’t get a benefit from them the 1st time. Oh well, that will be a good way to save some $ as they won’t get another dime from me now…

in answer to your first question, no, it is not a common occurrence. i understand your frustration. Billing questions are handled via ticket, not on the forum.

i hope you get your resolution soon (if not already) :slight_smile:

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