Got a question for you all on my defense team

My current defense team is Seshat Athena Heimdall Tyr and Poseidon for a total of 4409. I am leveling up Garnet and I absolutely love her. I am tempted to swap out Tyr for her . I know that would give me two overheal players and less attack but having extra overheal and blocking status ailments is amazing. She charges really fast for me to 1x . What do you all think of that change? Thanks in advance for the advice.

For me, you have enough very good attacking cards, when the Heimdall goes down, Garnet can be a second rescue for your cards and keep them alive. Also this immune for new status ailments can be helpful. Two fast snipers + defence-lowering Athena will do the job. For me setup with Garnet is very good idea. This card can be frustrating in defence team, i experienced it few times.


I agree. She’s really good, and in my opinion Seshat, Athena and Poseidon will do enough damage to the opponent. Altough, you should just observe your trophies and see if the defence is working better than it’s working with Tyr. Test it.


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