Got 13 Telescope, saved 6 for Magni. Should I spend the others on Richard?


I am a F2P player and have been playing over a year.

Currently, I’ve got 13 Telescope, enough for me to ascend 2 five stars blue heroes. However, I am lack of good five stars heroes to ascend.

Here is my blue line up:

Richard 3/70
Kiril 4/70
Sonya 4/70
Grimm 4/70
Boril 3/60
Thorne 1/1

6 Telescopes are reversed for Magni already. So I am wondering should I ascend Richard to 4/80 or wait for Isarnia?

My current tank either Justice at 3/70 for Marjana at 4/80.


I would not spend them on Richard…wait for the moment in which athena will be available again


The problem with waiting on Athena is he is F2P. And the chances of pulling her are slim to none.

I do agree with not spending them on Richard and taking a shot at Athena but don’t count on it.

edit - I wish I had 6 scopes for Isarnia. Poor girl has been at 70 forever.


I would normally say run with what you’ve got Cos I know patience gets a bit difficult in this game sometimes. Especially f2p.

I have Richard at 3.60 and I have isarnia at 3.43 and they aren’t even close. If you’re at all happy to wait, I wouldn’t give them to Richard. I was never going to with mine and he was my first five.

I just need one more cape Cos got my sixth scope in frostmarch yesterday and isarnia is going straight up there!

If you can wait, definitely wait. Keep running tc20. At least two if you can.

Magni on a defense can be worrying. Isarnia on a defense is slightly less scary but a massive issue if she goes off. Richard is a bit lol by comparison


My first blue was Richard, but then Isarnia showed up. I leveled her and never regret it. Good foor attacking titans.
Last week Magni showed up and Frostmark gave the 6th telescope. Meanwhile he is at 4/69 and great.
I think I’ll use Magni in PvP and Isarnia in titan fights (and both if center or titan is red :slight_smile: )


Richard is not bad as a tank. If you need some improvement in that role on your team, I’d ascend him.

Do you have a Magni yet? And do you have enough Atlantis coins for a summons or two this month? If you answered “yes” to both, then I’d hold off until you see if lightning strikes and you get Athena this month (if on offer). Reserving telescopes for a card you don’t have is a very risk-averse strategy, so if you don’t have Magni, feeding his scopes to Athena wouldn’t be a serious problem (in my judgment).


I kind of agree with this, but can see where he’s coming from as well.

My Tc has spit out a few heroes - all of them slow.
I have azlar at 2.60 (have rings, need blades), justice horghall, 2 x quintus, isarnia and Richard. All viable as tanks (although isarnia least so).

Since azlar dropped, I have pulled marj who will be more useful overall, although I still fully plan to get azlar up when I have another three rings and more blades, and isarnia will be up soon.

Current tank is boldtusk, so justice and horghall (have all necessary mats for both)- would be upgrades but I’m happier holding the mats for better more useful options for me. Running tc20 x 2 or 3 and the odd coin or summon here and there give me enough hope for options I’d rather to fall to me in time.

Best question to ask yourself is “if you ascend Richard and in the next two or three weeks something else falls to you, will you be ok?”


Isarnia,Magni are the ones , have patience and faith :smoking:, keep working that tc 20 and you will be very happy when you will get one of them, the others you mentioned are very good in every aspect , kiril, grimm , i have lvl up personaly 2 grimms so far and planing to make 2 more , for events , on raids i usualy use vs gravemakers tanks , magni kiril , grim/isarnia(3/70)and alasie(3/70) and smak the sh t out of it :wink: