Got 1 tome left. Which one gets it

Once I finish with Odin, who next.

So c obakan will replace c quintess on my defense, but probably won’t replace anyone on my purple mono team.

The red chick won’t replace Knight on my defense, but will probably go into my red mono team.

Which one would you use the tome on?

Obakan-C, definitely. Or BK, if you does not have one leveled.

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You say Obakan will become a starter, but Yang will probably see a spot on mono red.

Based on your words seems like you’ve already decided Obakan is more valuable (above replacement).

I think defense is overrated so I’d focus on the hero you’d use on offense, here being Yang.

So just told you two contradicting things. Do you have emblems for one?


Both are interesting, but I tend to side with @ruskin505. Unless you are dying for a good purple tank for wars, stacking Yang with reds will prove to be more useful over time.


Here is what I’m working with. I like c quintess on my defense, don’t get my me wrong, I just don’t know what will be more valuable. Offense replacement of defense replacement. Yes, I can get either to emblem 20

In my honest opinion, and I have both heroes, I would go with Yang Mai for your offence team.
But Costume Obakan for the new defence formations.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I’m also of the opinion to prioritize offensive heroes (Titans, War, Ninja Tower, Events, map stages, …) over defensive heroes (Raids and War…)

Therefore, I say Yang Mai. She should serve you esoecially well on titans, Mythic Titans, and Ninja Tower

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Thanks for following up with roster and emblems. Yang with emblems will be a good upgrade to your mono red and be more tangible than Obakan on defense.

I was originally leaning Obakan but I think I’ve switched to Yang.


Cool thanks for your input. Maybe I’ll get lucky and pull a 2nd tome soon. Finishing up with Odin which will take another week then however long yang will take. Maybe I’ll get lucky


Adding one more thought/clarification:
What level do you have regular Obakan at right now? If he’s already at 4/80 then you won’t need the Tome and it will be easier to level the costume. If he’s at 1/1 then it will take more effort to get him up since you have to level both base and costume.

Never leveled him as his original copy. He is probably the worst hero in the game imo

Looking at your red roster I stick with Yang. She will help speed up the mana of Khagan and Elena.



I just wouldn’t bother with cObakan at all. The costume improves him from “bad” to “meh”, which still isn’t great. The 85% counterattack just doesn’t do enough, and his 182% attack once again just doesn’t hit hard enough to really be much of a threat.

Basically he’s neither here nor there - he doesn’t have the stopping power of Killhare where if she fires a second time you’re totally dead, and unlike cElena with that ridiculous 155% riposte that will really make you regret stacking blues, his 85% counterattack is very muted. In fact I intentionally stacked purple against a 4700+ team with a cObakan+20 tank just in today’s war because I figured that would completely neuter his counterattack. It did indeed and I steamrolled the team with my purple stack.

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C.Sabina will stop ANY counterattacker, and with Domitia, Seshat or Kage she COMPLETELY neuter ANY buffer or taunter. So, fight with counterattacker with purples is very good move.

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