🦸‍♂️ Goseck - 5* Dark / Purple from Sanctuary of Gargoyles

My tactic against him;
Depending on the board of course;

  1. Go all in to kill him in one turn
  2. Avoid touching him until you can apply 1.

This simple tactic is to avoid putting him in a “half live” situation where he is dangerous. As real life, search for a weak point and do some testing, if it doesn’t work, do changes. The above tactic work nice for me.

I think most of us being in/out in top 100 have lost higher % to e.g. Xnol than Goseck.
Xnol is a stable high performer while Goseck is a kind of “1 or 0” hero. There are many nice heroes that are with stable high performance, Xnol is just one example.

Happy gaming


This guy is profoundly overpowered. I just raided him as a tank, he was the first to fire from both sides, killed all but one and left the last one with a sliver of health. No. Absolutely not. It is not fun to have such wild variability. And then you have salmon Loki. Am I a joke to you. I am molting. Please stop.

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I know - he’s one of those heroes that, when facing him and when he fires, I just walk away from the screen! Then I can return once the slaughtering is over and try to pick up the pieces :sweat_smile:


I have changed the hero card with June balance updates.

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He fired after receiving only 65 points of damage and he still dealt over 700 points of damage to my entire team. How in the world is that okay? With literally only a 12th of his health taken, He dealt over 700 points of damage to my entire team of emblem heroes! Let that sink in y’all.


I noticed that Goseck’s mana bar is darker than the others. Has anyone else noticed?

Did Goseck have a mindless attack condition in the last battle?

None. Didn’t go up against a mindless skill

This guy just handed me more than 1k damage at 40%+ Hp. In case anyone might be wondering, they weren’t 4* heroes or below.
The first question that comes to mind is, everyone at SG is eating ice cream with their foreheads?
This guy was already OP and they gave him a buff, but I assume developers wanted for him to wipe a team with 50% HP and they still failed with that tactic since I got 5 heroes on red line.
Considering all the answers they gave at Q&A, which were the same as nothing, and seeing buffs to make this insanity possible, should we give feedback on this situation or will it be completely ignored?
Is feedback even asked from the players on these type of situations?
Maybe I’m just wasting my time writing all this, but doesn’t feel normal or intended to give such damage at almost half his Hp.


Yeah, he can do a maximum of 700% to all. No other hero, yet any sniper can do that even to one target.

I guess the reasoning for SGG to release such a hero is that they think they released many heroes who can ‘counter’ him. A perfect one is Kara, a yellow taunting HOTM. We have a few dodgers, we have yellow Sif (now also Bennu), who can reduce the damage by 50%, we have yellow overhealers (Prof., Golden Boar), we have many minion meat shield makers. Adding to that his slow speed, you should have sufficient time to charge them and thus survive.

We will see his true powers after a few events when more of them appear in the defs.

As some already said, the buffs to Gargoyles are much too soon. We had only one event, I rarely see Gargoyles in the def teams not because they are weak, but because few players have them and some of them didn’t even gather AMs to ascend them.

To cheer you up guys, I have both Costume Guardian Panther and Goseck in my defense and I am still losing some defenses. :eyes:


Yep, but use them both in attack and it’s deadly. Last time my Goseck fired after my C-Panther, his health was at maybe 50%, and he dealt 1500 damages to all. Insanely strong.

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Goseck fully emblemed, not LB, with boosted health and C-Panther elemental defense down on targets…

Yup, can confirm. Add Xnolphod to the mix so Goseck can fire in 9 tiles matched and the game is not even fun anymore.


Margaret just seems like the best counter against him now. Have two of them at flank and you can cover against all his attacks

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Agree, and specially when many players have all these and they have ruined the meta. What do we believe, maybe 50% of players have Goseck and C-Panther, but if you add Xnol then only 40%?

Happy gaming

I’ve got Goseck and even at 3/70 he helped my defense to earn an A grade at the correct VF tournament

I’ve faced him in some raids and he’s a tricky enemy. If he shoots usually the match is over. Then I try to face him using the fastest heroes and mana troops I have to try to use my specials before him

Goseck needs a ■■■■■■■ nurf!!! I went up against him as tank 3 times and he kills off my entire team before i can use even one special. This is how broken he is, my last flag i didnt get any tiles on my starting board so i didnt do any damage to him and he still did 900 damage to all my heros and then he went off again and did 1300 to all, like what the actual ■■■■ is this hero! he is like all heros that was nurfed combined together and also on crack and steroids. He needs a nurf


Not gonna lie, he is ridiculously powerful, the post release buff of Stoneskin were unnecessary as were unnecessary the buff of Gargoyles like him and Gaillard.

Sadly, newer heroes are gonna be around his level so nerfing him will have little to no effect in the future if not making him less useful as defender while further consolidating Xnolphod, Alfrike and (maybe) Quintus^2 as best dark defenders.

Maybe this is asked before but I couldn’t find it. Sorry in advance.

But what happens if Goseck dies and Kalø fires his special…

Is it a maximum special at 700%? Or less?