🦸‍♂️ Goseck - 5* Dark / Purple from Sanctuary of Gargoyles

i am also curious about other people’s thoughts on talent tree because i can see strong opinions for leaning with a defensive build, and i can see strong arguments for bumping up attack. i don’t like the idea of a balanced Goseck because the Barbarian tree doesn’t really help make balancing choices easy.

Damage everywhere strictly.

Btw I truly believe there is no “good answer” here. In this game - because of the countless random factors and enormous imbalance - there will be always situations supporting one or another argument in case of damaging heroes.

Is damage better? If that’s what needed for a kill / kills, that otherwise you wouldn’t have, then yes.
Is tankiness better? If that’s the condition to stay alive (longer) which leads to kills, then yes.


Thank you for posting that, I just pulled Goseck last night and maxed him out today. This was the path I was thinking of doing too.


Wait for the new hero kalo 5000 damage 4 star

Oh shoot, they changed his class?! That completely slipped by me… what a shame, haha!
still though, could be prettyyyy deadly after being resurrected I imagine?

He’s too powerful as tank in rush. Once he fires, you need to hit him 4 times first to disable the stoneskin. By the time you did that, he would probably fire again.


Which is why I’m going to take advantage of it. I’d like to LB him, but I fear we may see a nerf for him in the near future because of this.

I’d imagine you’d need mono yellow and pray to the board Gods you’d have enough tiles to wipe him out… Otherwise, good luck.

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Hmm I don’t think they’ll nerf him, cause he’s not too much of a threat in normal defence. Otherwise they would have nerfed Alfrike who is also a goddess in VF :thinking:


Against a situation like this, I would use a shuffler like akkorog and Cheshire cat to temporarily remove the upfront threat. Just gotta be creative against an enemy like this

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Wow, 2000 damage in that last hit :scream:
Thank you for the upload. Pulled him this morning and shall put him top of the level list


I do wish he was still a fighter i think his special and the fighter class revive work a hand in hand. It would make his potential on defence so much more significant.

No they balanced.him b4 release regarldess Alfrike is still way stronger as a vf tank

It’s a way to balance him, he already got 4 stoneskins, fighter is pushing it

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Fighter definitely pushed it. If he rezzed with 1 HP, and then fired, He would have dealt maximum damage, which could potentially win the game, depending on the health

Personally I will find the stoneskin to be a bigger problem than a fighter reviving. Because at least he can he killed at 1 hp. It is incredibly difficult to kill him once he fires, and if it’s rush it would be GG.

About goseck and rush wars… how many turns d’ora the stoneskin lasts in VF wars? 4 turns as described or 1 turn as he’s very fast?


The Goseck boss in the last epic stage really make me Go-Sick :joy:


I see Bai Yeong gaining alot of value :wink:

Margaret as well. It will most definitely hit the 90% dodge rate

It was terribly broken. When he was on wing, it was basically a coin toss at the end of each raid… You win the raid, killed everyone but then the enemy has a special 30% roll to still take the win from you.

Imagine playing the game, beating the opponent but then at the end of the game there is a rock paper scissors and if you lose, you lose the match anyway. That’s basically what fighting Goseck as a fighter was.

Only stupid thing is that when they don’t know how to balance the hero class they make it a barbarian :joy: creative