Gormek or Scarlett?


I decided to do a few fire summons today and I got Gormek. I have Scarlett at 3-40 and Natalya at 2-40 without the blades to ascend either. Do I finish off Scarlett or switch off to Gormek? I was hoping for Boldtusk but ah well


If you dont have Grimm or Tiburtus then go with Gromek


Finish Scarlett (at 3/60) and start Gormek.


Gormek ,no doubt… for me ,Gormek is the best red 4* heroe, better than Boldtusk or Scarlett and I still use him with my 5* heroes


I do have Grimm whom I’m currently leveling up. I also have Kiril at level 1. Which is better, Scarlett and Grimm or Kiril and Gormek?


All 4 of those are worth levelling over the long haul, but maybe concentrate for now on Kiril/Gormek. Kiril has a great special!


What Greens do you have? If you have Skittleskull he has the same special as Scarlett but instead of hitting up to three characters he hits the whole team and is slower speed. Grimm and Gormek have the same special and they won’t stack if used back-to-back. I used Kiril for a long time prior to getting BT and I still use Kiril on red titans so I recommend leveling him and Gormek.


With Alliance Wars approaching, and the word out that you will want to have 30 heroes for it, I’d level both. I consider Scarlett is offensive (and a touch squishy), and Gormek a tank. I’d want them both. If you are close on Scarlett, finish her, then switch over to Gormek.


Here’s my team. I have all the level 1 purples under this as well.