Gormek or Kalile?


Which would you recommend I ascend? I love Gormek’s tanking abilities, and his 3-shot attack definitely comes in handy, but I just drew Kalile and am torn now as to which I should invest in. How does Kalile do in battle? Obviously, her damage is great, but are her HPs too low to keep her alive?

Thanks for any feedback.


My pick goes to Gormek since he his special reduces defense. Helps with titan attacks and such.

I wouldnt throw Keilli away. She can be useful later if you want to have 2 red on your team.


Thanks for the feedback.

I think I definitely tend to undervalue that “lowered defense” skill. I probably oughta try to capitalize on it more against titans—i.e., use Gormek’s skill, then pop a bear banner, then mana-up and fire off my other attacks.


Usually what i try to do is time it so i have a good board to tag along all the buffs. Either lots of gems to spam so that the titan takes maximum damage from the reduced defence, or if there’s a lot of fhat certain colour out already. Using the skill when the board is crap yields crap results.