Gormek or Grimm

I just got Gormek and Grimm and I wonder witch one I should start to upgrade first because my team now is looking like that: Scarlett 3 tiles, Kirill 3 tiles,Boss Wolf 2 tiles, Wu Kong 4 tiles and Skittlescull at 3 tiles as well and as I saw in every battle Scarlett dies first coz she is so frigile and I go crazy and I just want to replace her as soon as possible so please help me to find out how to manage the game

Go for Grimm
Hits harder than Gormek.
And both are doing same effect on 4^70 8/8 -34% reduce defense.

Both! Most economical to feed same-colour heroes when levelling up, and long-term, they’ll both be valuable.

(Max Tiburtus too, if you have him. :slight_smile:)

Edit: Wait, “tiles” is “tier”? Then I suppose you might want to max Kirill and Scarlett first. Scarlett will remain fragile, even when maxed, but she’s also one of the best hitters, and fast. Hide her from three-target specials on the wing, and with a bit of healing (hey, Kirill?), she might even hit again. :slight_smile:


No I don’t have Tiburtus and I i show you all what’s my roster with hero’s and I hav Colen as wel

so I have more Grimm,Melendor,Kelite Sabina and Colen but non of them are updated at all because I got them recently only

Yes indeed tier and yes indeed i try to upgrade Kirill indeed but I have Aegir as well and if I upgrade Kirill I have not enough items to di on 3 tier Aegir so in that case I try to think witch one supposed to upgrade between those 2 guy’s and I’m full of red guy’s

Ah, why not,

Short term: Max Wu Kong, Kiril, and Scarlett; possibly Skittleskull and Boss Wolf.

Skittleskull is not great, but you’ve come a long way with her, and don’t have any better. Might want to switch if you get Caedmon, Kashhrek, or even Melendor.

Keep working on Boss Wolf; it’s a long haul, but you don’t have any better purple, even for short term. Switch to Rigard, Sabina, or Tiburtus.

When Wu Kong is maxed, go for Li Xiu. I don’t think you can get any better, medium term.

When Kiril is maxed, go for Grimm; Sonya is good too, particularly if you don’t get any other dispeller, but I think Grimm has the edge. (Aegir is for the long haul, if at all. You might be better off waiting for a better hero.)

When Scarlett is maxed, I think you should go for Boldtusk. He’s too good to leave behind. Gormek will just have to wait.


I would strongly recommend getting a rainbow 3* 3.50 and a rainbow 4* 3.60 team first. For some relevant links ( linky, linky )

Grimm 4* 3.60 is better in your current situation. Grimm 4* 4.70 tends to be the most versatile of the Ramming Pulverizer trio.

Scarlett works well with two healers & Wu Kong

To ascend Boss wolf i need 2 more trap’s item’s for it to tier 3 and I love him because is a realy tank and is hard to put him down as I read on 3tier and 70 is realy hard to put him down so I still wait for 2 more trap’s

I’d normally vote Grimm, but with Kiril and Scarlett being your other two blue and reds, respectively, you’re better off with keeping Kiril in your line-up and swapping Scarlett for Gormek.

To be honest, though, I might max BT and start working on Grimm. The BT and Grimm combo is a fierce one and you can go for a long time with it.

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I. Was thinking to level up BT as well to replace Kirill and I have a problem to broke the rainbow because the usual think what’s happening to me is when I broke the rainbow the missing colour is always more than others and I go crazy

Stacking is at the beginning a bit confusing because you always try to use the tiles of the color of your heroes. And ultimately you finish with a board with the color missing. You have to clear that tiles too.
But stacking is now more common for me than use a rainbow team in raids, events and titan.

Just try it when farming and try to make the right moves, moves allowing to clear the missing colors and use your colors when it’s possible for exemple.
Just work a bit on it to see if it’s a good choice for your playstyle. You can play different style, 4 colors, 3 colors, 2 colors or 1 color (doesn’t use the last a lot though), there is a lot of combinations with your heroes / your opponents … A lot of people use it, it’s a useful tool.

Anyway, you will lose and win some raids in both configuration. Just, keep in mind, this could help you :wink:

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