Gormek or Grimm?

I have both Gorm and Wilbur maxed (no emblems).

I use Gorm MORE than Wilbur. If I hadn’t spent the mats on Wilbur I’d be feeding him off. I have lost SEVERAL battles because of him when on offense. My titan damage is 5-10k less when he is inserted in a team. For me, Wilbur is the utmost definition of useless.

Out of the two for the OP - do up both. They both have their uses.

Oh, more than enough for both of them. How is your compass and gloves total?

My Gormek only makes team #6 in wars (after 5 mono teams)… And not always even then, it depends what I’m attacking - that team #6 is usually 3-2 but occasionally 2-2-1, so you can see how he doesn’t even get in every time.

(And that’s before mentioning that my Grimm doesn’t make my blue mono… That usually goes Triton, Kiril, Isarnia, Alice, Sonya/costume).

Once Wilbur #2 is done (being worked on slowly) then Gormek may see even less action - but he’ll never be eaten, he’s still my first 4*.

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Wilbur is an A+ 4* hero… Gormek is a solid B.

Wilbur is gamechanging and still very useful (emblemed) alongside 5* hero’s. Gormek fades out of use beyond a certain point.

You’ll find yourself very much in the minority I think…


Lvl 56. I’ve tried him several times in several configurations.

My titan damage is DOWN 5-10k when he is inserted. Pull him and put in Gorm I gain those lost points back. I get all the fanboy hype around this hero but for me, he’s absolutely horrible. The only thing he’s good at for me is killing off my own heroes. I cringe when I have to use him.

So…while he may be great for you, I have yet to find a place for him. If there was a way to get my mats back, I’d reset him and feed him off.

That’s my personal experience with this hero.

So…back to the OP…Gorm and Grimm.

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There’s certainly merit in making your own judgements and testing out combinations for yourself.

Wilbur for me is my most used 4* by a considerable distance (used on raids regularly, including several trips into global top ten)… Partly this is down to how well he pairs up with BK, but I was using him a lot before I even had BK.
I doubt you’ll find many people who find the same results you’re finding, but that doesn’t change that your experiences are what they are for you.

On topic… Tbh OP’s wider issue is undeniably too much scattergun levelling and not enough focus on finishing hero’s up.
Grimm is 100% one you want maxed.
Gormek is certainly useful up to the point you get Wilbur and for some time beyond, not a waste of feeders by any means.
If it’s one or the other though, it has to be Grimm first.

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I have enough compass and gloves to upgrade Gormek and Grimm at the same time, yet they are all barbarian which needs the same emblems.

I have 4 compass and 6 gloves.

Thank you for your advice. I will go for Grimm.

absolutely grimm…

i have grimm +18 with attack route. Beast and deadly… :grin:

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hahahaha… i like your comparison…
i have 3 grimm (2 maxed)

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Solid choice. Just started on Grimm#3

I’m actually pretty pleased with my Grimm. He is a great compliment to Miki for attacking titans and to Misandra for attacking Gravemaker-ladened teams in Raids.

I would just add for the sake of clarity that none of Grimm, Gormek, or Tiburtus with 1+2 Defense Down are able to truly “debuff” the enemy. They certainly diminish the defense, but they do not take away enemy buffs.


Just wondering, do you see a strong improvement in the hero with nodes 19&20? I’ve always stopped at +18.

I see a difference, though I never really tested how much.

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You can resize the grid for a better overview:


How do you do that? I never realized you could do that? I thought that was a special screenshot feature that I couldn’t figure out how to do on my phone.

Edit: Wow. I officially feel stupid now.


Same as resizing web pages with two fingers zooming in and out.


Depends on the hero and path. For Proteus (Wizard) 19 is mana and essential. 20 is % attack and useless to my defense build.

For Rigard, 19 was mana, 20 healing. I’ll admit 20 was questionable, but did it anyway.

For OP, barbarian is mana and % health. I think both are useful. 20 less so.


Very good post! Grimm’s mana generation speed is typically average. I went +ATT/+DEF with him through the grid, but now I question whether or not I should have elected for 2% mana speed increase over 3% defense increase at Node 19. I’ve noticed in raids that if I could just slightly had increased his mana speed, it often could make a difference. He’s usually one tile hit away from a mana charge before being one-shot by a 5-star sniper like Lianna or Alasie.

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