Gormek or Colen?


Hy. I’m waiting for my final blade in order to ascend my first four star. I got three options: Gormek, Colen and Kelile all 3.60. Together they make a great team for raiding four star green tank teams, very high succes rate. I’m going to use the one I’ll ascend as a tank for a combined 3 and four star defense. Currently that is Gormek’s job. I don’t think Kelile is “the man” for the job. This leaves Gormek and Colen. I was certain it would be Gormek, for his defense debuff, but lately I had several revange encounters with 4.70 Colen tank teams and LOST ALL OF THEM. If Colen’s special goes of (and it does unless I use three blue heroes) it just devastates my team… It’s worth mentioning that I’m also leveling Cyprian, but he is still very low so he won’t make the defense team for another few weeks at least, and I only have two trap tools. So, who should I go for?


Gormek has very high health and you can use his skill on both pvp and titans than Colen.
His special is very handy.


I would personally wait until you get a 5* Red or wait for Boldtusk or Wilbur


Gormek is more usable all-around and sees more late game than Colen. But you are right Colen (as Kashrek) is very good at mid stage high gold and low Platinum tiers.


It will be so much painful to wait for a new player.
Buy time he could choose from better collection of heros.
But as he said before he has 3/4☆ team then its important to use of a tank that he can use in future as well till he get a 5☆ heros to replace.


waiting for new heros just stunts your growth on the game. Yeah maybe there are better out there but how long will it be before they come.

Gormek is one of the ramming pulverizers that are used just about everywhere in the game. My vote is for him.

Colen is annoying and cause a lot of curse words to come from my mouth. But he isn’t a game changer once you get up to a certain point. Now I just kind of look at him and shrug him off.


Indeed also Azlar can replace Colen.
But there is no red 5☆ hero can replace Gormek as I know. Isn’t?


No 5 :star: but a 4 :star: “premium one”: Wilbur


At this stage of the game I just can’t wait for specific heroes. I have to do the best with what I got. I lost almost 200 cups overnight because my defense can’t hold itself. Yesterday I got to 1600 cups, today I have 1300… This time that’s mostly due to Colen’s special, and my urge to take the revenge runs… No problem there, I’ll just go scouting for green tanks :laughing:


Gormek - def reduction is a must have


I vote gormek.

Colen was my first 4* I got. He’s still at 3/60 since I got bt and gormek shortly after.


I disagree with this thinking. Everyone should have a solid team of 4* heroes before starting in on developing 5*. 5* take too many resources and ascension materials; they will slow you down when you really want to be assembling a team that can but the hurt on titans and complete Rare Quests.

Gormek is a good no-regrets choice. The trio of Ramming Pulverizers – Grimm, Tibertus, Gormek – are all excellent heroes that you will use as long as you play.


Get gormek
He will do it at start. Later boldtusk is better, even for high ranks and titans his attack buff on everybody with heal and no consequences is just nice


Gormek unless you have Grimm and Tibertus.

Colen seems a bit underappreciated to me, I really enjoy him as a second red. The DOT is very effective


Wow, thanks for your answers everybody! I didn’t aspect such prompt replays… I think I’ll go with Gormak… It was my first choice anyway… Just waiting for that cursed hidden blade to pop out…


I also suggest Gormek, for all the reasons people have laid out.

This may be difficult to hear, but don’t expect a fully-ascended Gormek to be the cure for losing cups. The thing is that a good defense will likely increase your ‘average’ cup level… but you’re still going to be gaining cups beyond your defense team’s capability during the day, and then losing them overnight. This is just the way it is - even at high Platinum.

Look at it this way - when you lose cups, your lower ranking makes it easier to fill the raid chest with fewer flags!


I’m saying that because of how hard ascension items can be and I wouldn’t hesitate using them if I had Boldtusk or Wilbur


I do agree with what you’re saying but I held off with Boldtusk then I got Red Hood. Boldtusk at 3/60 was still strong enough to hold off a lot of attacks. It’s down to personal preference isn’t it, I don’t really like Gormek but that’s probably because I never had him to begin with


No Colen. . At advanced stages dont use slow heros


my alt has tiburtus kasshrek GM kasshrek chao as defense and I don’t play my alt account all that much and haven’t put any money in and won’t…it’s doable to wait a bit and find much better heroes than either gormek or colen. that alt account is only like 3 or so months old