Gormek or Boldtusk

Do you doubt Tank that better ahead Gormek or Boldtusk?

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finish off Gormek since he is close but BT is a very good option as well with his buff.

Plus 2 healers never hurt depending on situation.


Just like Rockstar said I think you should finish Gormek to 60 first.
Boldtusk is a highly prized red 4* though, so work on him soon after. When you get your 4 hidden blades to bring a red hero past the final ascension to lvl 70, you should most likely pick Boldtusk too. He’s a hero you use in almost every situation for a long time and a very strong center and healer all the way up Platinum raiding. He’s a key component for Titans too with his attack buff.

Good luck!
Syndicate of War


I’ll continue with Gormek =) thank you all

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In the future I’m going to BT. Do I keep raising Firecaller levels until I get a 4 *? or should I replace troops?

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I don’t have a 4* red yet myself so I am using 3* for now. I have 2 at level 7. Not going much farther to be honest. Not because I am waiting for a 4* but because of the amount of food required to level them. I don’t have the extra currently.

Excuse my English kkkkk is not my native language. I understood I know it will take a while to finish them, but my 3 * Firecaller can I raise the levels or trade for Barbaric maulers? Future exchange Sabina for some purple attack =) okay?

I would actually level both 3* right now. That will give you 2 in case you want to double up. Who knows when a 4* will come along. I still haven’t pulled a red one myself.

Boldtusk is amazing, and substantially better than Gormek imo. Therefore I’d halt work on Gormek and switch to Boltusk immediately, bringing him up all the way to 4-70 if you have the mats.


I would do Bold Tusk too, Gormek to 3-60 for now if you have to. BT was my first red 4* and I still use him almost for everything. I had Gormek at 3-60 for a long time, I ascended him only because I had surplus of blades and now I only use him for green titans and wars.

As for troops, I levelled my first 3* troop to lvl 7 and NOW i think it was a waste of troops. Later I got red mana and crit 4*, and now I desperately need troops to level my mana troop from 10 to 11 for my Gravemaker, they seem to be the rarest ones.

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Troop for BT still on Firecaller Batllemages or Maulers Barbaric?

I always prefer the attack/crit 3* - Barbaric Maulers for red. However, since you already have the firecaller battlemages leveled a bit I think you should work on them till you get a 4*.

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