Gormek/Grimm Special skill

So i was just mixing team around a bit and i got Gormek and Grimm in together.
Now both of them have ramning pulverizer as special skill -34% defence to target and nearby enemies…
I fired one after another, and checked the enemy, it had only one spell on him…-34% defence.
Shouldn’t it have -68% defence?? Or the same skills dont “double up” ??

Skill does not stack.
Only the last one ‘fired’ will be active


Aaa OK. Thats a game changer.
Thank you for answer😊

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This applies same to all same types of buffs also, mainly attack is the problematic one. For example boldtusk and bear banner do not stack, the latest will stay. Same with Brienne and Boldtusk and so on. Only exception being Wu kong, he just stacks with everything.
Same thing in defense buffs, magni + kirill is a no go.

Now on the defense reduction side there is the elemental defense reduction. That does stack with normal defense reduction, for example Jackal + Gormek.


So it’s better to have all different skills on heroes so you get max out of them…

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You can even use non-stacking buffs/debuffs to your advantage by overwriting a negative status with a positive one (and vice-versa). For example, heroes like Skittleskull and Zeline inflict attack debuffs on all opponents, and heroes like Boldtusk and Kiril buff their allies’ attack power. With proper timing, you can use one group to “dispel” the effects of the other group by overwriting the previous attack modifiers.


Smart :blush::blush:
Everyday something new😀

If you do this again… Fire Gormek first then Grimm… way more overall damage as Gormek hits like a wet noddle compared to Grimm.


That wet noodle has evaded me since I started.

I do have Grimm and Tibs though. Happy with them!

tibs is my favorite of the three… pairs nicely with Merlin and Sartana to wipe Yellow tanks.


I want Sartana! I have Merlin at 3/35 currently. He looks like fun when I get him maxed I will use him more.

Would be a little bit overkill if the stacked up.

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On this topic I would say, it would be helpful if the no-stack rule was explained in the game to save me wasting a lot of banners early on.

But mostly I wanted to express that Cookie Monster is a great avatar and it made me smile :rofl:


Depending on your hero mix it’s not terrible to bring 2 ramming pulverizers as you can make sure pretty much the whole titan attack is spent with that debuff on and you can save yourself some mana potions.


I’m mid-game, and only have the third of the triplet, Tiburtus.

I never thought of mana-ing Tibs up as well as Wu in my titan attacks, but that sounds like a good idea…

You are on point…i have both vs titan and score is better

It does restart the effect time though. So if you had 1 turn left on defense debuff on enemies, and fire another one from gormek/grimm, the number of turns gets reset.

Yes, i didnt know that it doesnt stack if you fire them one and then other …

Merlin is awesome against yellow Titans! Love it when his Mindless attack fires and the Titan attacked itself and doesn’t fire his special. Saves on potions.


Even if firing one after the other does not stack the effects together (not in one turn, because the 6 turns resets to 6 turns), but resetting it seem a bit of a waste of the turns from the first shot. Wouldn’t it be better to dish off the 2nd one after the first one is almost expired to maximize the turns of the effect?

But then again, I suppose since the Titan is timed, it might be wasting of precious time to check how many turns are left of a specific debuff effect. One might just want to make sure to fire off the special, so as to be able to start building up the next one to fire.