Gormek costume's heal from destroying minion vs counter attack

I do war attack against a team that has Hulda tank and Elena costume flank. Enemy Hulda fire 3 times and Elena costume fire once. So, there are 3 layers of Hulda minion on all enemy and 155% counter attack on 3 enemy. All my hero are about 70-80% Hp left since my tile mainly hit Hulda tank. I use my Gormek costume to kill all Hulda’s minion and heal. It turn out that Gormek costume receive some damage and down to about 50% Hp because of the counter attack instead of full heal. Then he die in few turn after that and I lose.

In that battle, my Gormek costume heal to full and then receive the damage from counter attack after heal.

It might seem to be nothing wrong. However, if you look at Gormek costume skill description

The description say that he do 180% damage before heal. That mean he should heal after do damage and after receive damage from the counter attack. So, from the description, since 15 minion is like full heal, my Gormek costume should get full hp and survive.


maybe its a bug. Gormek C destroy 15minion would heal 1200hp for all allies, in your match, he deals 180% dame to 3 counteratk 155% so he takes about 900 dmg. according his skill he properly get 300hp but not his hp down from 7-80% to 50%, what a joke

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Yes, in that battle, I see his hp go to full and then go to 50%. He do receive damage from the counter attack after heal.

I wonder what is correct order of specials, status effects and everything…

There are 2 possibilities:

  1. Destroy minions G
  2. Deal damage. G
  3. Heal allies. G
  4. Damaged by counterattack. E

So here Gormek do everything he’s supposed to do and then enemies’ effects activates.

But I think it should be:

  1. Destroy minions G
  2. Deal damage. G
  3. Damaged by counterattack. E
  4. Heal allies. G

So here Gormek gets damaged immediately after his damage, before he finished casting his special.

The order of specials, status effects, minions, passives, family bonuses and whatever there may be is still an unsolved mystery for me! :grin:


so C gormek heal first then took damage later, pretty suck. In another case like DOT like burn dame, it will deal dmg first then heal, heros with low health are healing each turn should die immidiately :((

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Yes. In this case, it should be the second one like Ametrine who will dispell taunt before deal damage.

Yes, I did keep tracking every case like these for a year. I found only about 70-80% of all. Other 20-30% were unlikely situation. I give to try to find those other 20-30%.

It is like this

Special Skill → Tile/Slash → Minion & Fiend → Buff and Ailment → S4 Gem

Passives and Family Effects are unknown sure for me. There are many different Passives and Family Effects.

Yes, if it work as the description say, I think I will win that attack. My C Gormek get slashed to death before he can fire again and eat another multi-layer Hulda minion. Also, I win all other 5 war attack and lose only that one.

Anyway, my alliance do win the war by about 500 score :smile:.

It depend on which is applied first. If you get “burn” before “heal over turn”, “burn” will do damage first. And vice versa.

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I tried to replicate counterattack+minions situation with my Gobbler.
I don’t know if it works the same or not, please check a video.

When I watched it at x0,2 speed I see that first green numbers from healing appear, then damage from counterattack. You can see that first Gobbler’s HP went from 700 to 1200 and then to 600.
So the order is: destroy minions - deal damage - heal allies - dmg from counterattack.
Is it working as intended? No idea…
I think that they should change bulletpoints of Gobbler’s and Gormek’s specials from:

  1. Destroys all minions from all enemies.
  2. Deals 170% damage to all enemies.
  3. All allies recover 80 HP for each destroyed minion.


  1. Destroys all minions from all enemies.
  2. All allies recover 80 HP for each destroyed minion.
  3. Deals 170% damage to all enemies.
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Well, instead of change the wording, it would be much better to change the order of the special skills.

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Yes, it is similar to my Gormek costume case.

At 4.722 second & 4.723 second. It look like all effect in your Gobbler skill work in the same time. Remove minion, do damage (See enemy Buddy Hp bar) and heal. All in same time.

At 4.783 second & 4.784 second. Then the counter attack do damage (See Gobbler Hp).

Note : “4.783 second” is the same frame as “4.723 second”.

At 4.803 second & 4.804 second. The “counterattack” and heal number appear.

Note : “4.803 second” is the same frame as “4.784 second”.

At 4.860 second & 4.861 second. The number of damage on enemy without counter attack and the counter attack damage appear.

Note : “4.860 second” is the same frame as “4.803 second”.

At 5.058 second & 5.059 second. The number of damage on enemy with counter attack appear.

Note : “5.058 second” is the same frame as “4.861 second”. For some reason, this frame is much longer than the previous frames.

It look like all effect of the skill active before the counter attack. Not sure if this work as intent or not as well.

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Maybe, but it is important here that when he had 700 HP first he healed to 1200 and then got damage and had 600 HP.
If he first killed minions, then dealt damage and took damage from counterattack, he could die. But thanks to his healing in the middle of all of this, he survived.


But what if the counterattack kills Gormek, and he doesnt get the heal? Where if he got the heal prior to the counterattack, he would still be alive for a chance to continue

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Yes, but in my case, it is opposite.

Anyway, I think we should ask the staff if this work as intent or not.

@PlayForFun Could you contact the staff ?

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Was it?

Isn’t it the same? Could you take a video?

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My that “opposite” mean, in your case, it help your Gobbler to survive. But in my case (the first post), it make me lose.

It is same but it give “opposite” battle result for me.

For now, I am almost unable to take a picture from my phone. The buttons are about to be broken now.

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OK, I understand what you meant. There are two scenarios in which healing first is better or taking damage first is better. So we can’t rearrange their specials so that always they will be helping our heroes to survive. :slight_smile:
Anyway, it was nice to analyze heroes and their specials with you again! :grin:

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Ok, I have asked Staff to check this out.

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