Gorilla (Blue Shield) – How does the defense buff work?

Hello little worries with the shield of the gorilla Keeper (Blue Shield) it does not work properly. Can you fix this problem please

What in particular isn’t working properly?

When I activate the Gorilla special, I’m supposed to be protected from ice attacks at 94% for 4 laps? The shield is not working

Is it not working in the sense that the icon isn’t showing, or in the sense that you didn’t get a defense buff?

When you tap and hold on your heroes while it’s acfive, does the pop up list the defense buff?

I’m asking because there’s been a bug with status effect icons not showing properly, and I’m trying to figure out if this is the same thing or something different.

If you prefer, the shield does not protect 94% of the damage… But 47%, once the shield is activated. Example instead of suffering 500 damage, I suffer 235 while normally with this famous shield I should suffer only 30… Otherwise yes the Blue Shield appears well

Aha! This is an issue of confusion about how those percentages work.

The defense doesn’t prevent a percentage of the damage. Rather, it increases your heroes’ defense relative to their base stats.

So they effectively have a much higher defense, but still take damage accordingly.

There’s a thread that goes into detail on how that calculation works:

Chechell… 30 damage is incorrect… the 94% “sheild” doesnt meant you will take 6% damage… it means that your damage should be cut about in half… the 94% means your “DEFENSE” is increased by 94% it does not mean immunity

Okay, okay… If what you say is correct… In this case I understand better… thank you for taking the time to answer me :+1:

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Merci ckoppe et zephyr1 :ok_hand:


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