GooglePlay Points Redeemable in Empires and Puzzles

It sure would be nice if SGG would hook up with Google so that we can redeem our GooglePlay points for Empires and Puzzles goodies!! You can use your GooglePlay points for Candy Crush, and Angry Birds just to name a couple of games, but not for Empires and Puzzles. Can we get this changed please?

1000x times yes to this request.

I have a ton of google play points I am ready to use on e&p. preferably before it is too late for telluria.


You can use your points for Google play credits then use that credit to make a purchase. This is how I have been using my point for empires and puzzles. For example 1000 Google play points will get $10 of Google play credit.


Until there was the option to redeem play points by buying offers in E&P, I didn’t even know they exist. Now it would be nice to be able to use them to buy some gift packs for the game instead of just using them to buy Google play credits… Hope this is going to be the next step :slight_smile:

I think you will need 1m points to get 300 gems here :))
For 10k SGG will give you a WE Flask :))

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I think this would be a great idea. It wouldn’t even have to be that much better value than converting to credit first but it means more people are likely to use the points on ep rather than other games

Unfortunately, I imagine there are additional contractual elements to it though that we don’t and won’t know about so I’m sure SG will have looked into it already and decided against unfortunately

Look like the thread i started has been closed or joined on to here am not sure .

In the Google Play Store I’ve noticed that everytime I purchase something in- game , I accumulate Play points that can be redeemed or spent in -game , the trouble is E&P seem to have not initiated specific purchase point levels so as to use these points on anything at the moment .

Is anything coming at all ?

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