Google vs. Huawei

You should buy samsung hahah xD

Not at all. Any posting by players who have this phone stating they currently use it to play E&P (or are having difficulty using it to play E&P) make it instantly relevant. :slight_smile:


I agree - that’s what I’m saying. I also need to find a place to put my sorcerer emblems, but that’s not related to this topic.

Do you think there is any change that e&p will be linked to Huawei id and possible to save progres of the game ftom Google account? I really hope it does as i own mate 30 pro now and i’m force to play on a other phone. :neutral_face: I won’t change my phone. And i wonder which company should take this case, is it Huawei or e&p developers? Wish all of you good gamimg anyway :muscle: and #stayathome


? I have an Huawei and I’m sinc with Google play… What do you mean?

Edit: had Samsung before and just sync Google account were the game progress is… Só I really don’t understand what you mean and why can’t you play at you new phone.

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I cant play because my new phone doesnt have Google services at all, so game can not be run :persevere:
It says that i need Google services to play this game.


The newer huawei devices aren’t supported by Google any more due to us gov. Huawei now provides sth like playstore, but links to external apk’s instead of the original files.

Older phones have sth like stock protection. I also have a huawei, google play as well as updates are still possible on it.

I don’t think and don’t want that SG will ever support huawei id for logins, progress and in-app purches.


Too bad, as i am far from taking place in this political war between countries. I Just want to have fun playing this game. Still hope to get any solution except selling my new phone :joy:

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Buenas, me gustaria saber si es posible entonces y como se tendria que hacer, instalar el juego en un móvil Huawei.

Dunno if it’s possible on newer ones.

It’s available for those delivered with PlayStore.

Dear Small Giant, do you consider releasing the game in Huawei store?
Hope it’s in plans.

Thanks much.

I’m not sure it will be. It’s the same in the UK.
As long as the US and Europe and the UK believe there’s a risk of China spying through 5G networks, Huawei technology will be banned in those countries or severely limited.
A few days ago the Swedish appeal court upheld the ruling banning all 5G equipment by Huawei.
Small Giant/Zynga being a U.S company, isn’t going to put their games on a Chinese developers phone in case the Govt turns round and accuses them of allowing China to spy through their games.

Strange logic because a lot of electronic goods are produced in china.
China is a huge market so cutting this is not very smart.
Still hope that it’s gonna happen.