Google vs. Huawei

Seems that Google won’t support Huawei any longer.

Play Store and Protect won’t be available for new Huawei phones and no android updates for older ones.

That annoyingly ridiculous trade dispute between China and USA will affect world wide users now.

Google has the power to dry up the third biggest phone manufacturer? Not good.


Why is it ridiculous?


Goes beyond Google. Huawei’s on the list of subversives now. Total ban in the US


Causing a lose lose scenario always is.

Both companies are forced to submit their collected data to governmental institutions. Without that they just would like to max their profits and Huawei would be and is a huge profit for Google and vice-versa.


This could pose a problem to me as my beta app is in my Honor7… :frowning:

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It is viewed having Huawei around is just a lose. I really don’t know all the facts as they mass majority don’t. Without those facts I’m not going to call the ban ridiculous.

Fun fact about China: they can bankrupt the US and destroy our world credit with one simple sentence. “Your debt to us is now due.”


I never have understood the US position of having countries have so much leverage. It seems like it is against policy to try to lower our debt.


Why? What do they do? I’m not a guy who has much interest in childish word politics and company strategies. Please explain.

I have my own feelings about the way they do business.

As an example, they had clearly “borrowed” Cisco’s router code. To the point when Cisco had a bug they would have the same bug.

I’m not sure how far into the Chinese government they are…if at all.

I just have doubts.

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No China could not, China only has 1.7 trillion of US debit or 7.8% that wouldn’t bankrupt America


Interesting. I didn’t know it had dropped that much. I stand corrected

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@Leonidas1, I was with you. Between China and Japan, I had assumed they basically owned the US.


That’s a silly question.

I would not have explained…

But regardless, it’s really the “heads” of power - of state, that will affect production, manufacturing ,etc. We don’t live in an isolated Earth… one planet . One global market : communication, globalising, idealising society’s from products of different markets… been so for generations .

Some nations want to be independent , that is fine by me also. But this China / America dispute is silly… And will affect most of us…


Just waiting for a trade dispute between the EU and USA … then what happens

Hopefully they’ll be not that childish and find a win win agreement.



The day after, we all have a passport of China :rofl:

Every platform they sell is capable of being a spy tool for the Chinese government. Intentionally.

Which is brilliant from China’s perspective. But the US discovered this so now the jig is up for the company. Hopefully.

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US spying ok, all other spying bad? Not sure, but every country does for unknown reasons.

Google, Facebook, Insta and Co are the perfect spyware taking care for the whole world.

Imo Google itself hasn’t banned Huawei, since they make good dollars with them. That was just due to governmental reasons.

Certainly there is chinese spying, but I doubt they want to harm their best customers…

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@Leonidas1 or you could say that U.S. debt outside of China has increased that much! That’s a lot of trillions :frowning_face:

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