Google suffering worldwide outage 14/12/20 - Google Play Login error [MASTER] - Fixxed


Google is suffering server issues for many services worldwide.

This means you may not be able to log in to Google Play.

This may affect your game back-up if you uninstall the game or factory reset your phone.

Check you can log in in the options tab


Can’t signin, here in uk. Get to google play sign-in page, select a user, and nothing happens. Guess it is Google Play issue ratger than E&p?

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Yes, there is a global outage on google services.


I haven’t noticed that my Google account didn’t log in automatically and I have just pulled Thorne from TC20 :woman_facepalming:
So… I should not reset my phone now? Or it will be lost? Or it doesn’t work like that?

My services are resolved now, can anyone else confirm?

I’ll leave the topic open at the moment.

Fortunately it seems to have been very brief.

I expect Google can throw a couple of extra IT boffins at a problem when push comes to shove :nerd_face:

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It should be fine as long as you don’t factory reset the phone or otherwise remove E&P data.

I’d wait until you can log in if possible.

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I can switch between my accounts now

Edit : Hmmm, maybe I spoke too soon. I can’t switch back again. They’re probably restoring the corporate accounts first.

I can login using both emails now

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Signed out and in again. Had the welcome back message come up. So guess that’s good yeah?

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Shop is back up and running for me.

I’ll disable the global banner for now but leave the thread open?

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Yes, seems to be fixed at least for a while. So which hacker was it this time, or just finger trouble?

We can leave it open in case people need further advice but it seems resolved now :+1:


Don’t think so. My Google Suite became available at the same time with the personal account.

Well blame the Russians they always get the blame on here for one thing or another :wink:
Prob there newest tatatic in war manipulation :shushing_face:

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Shop is not working for me. Everything else works fine now i think.

Works now.

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