Google Play Sign In Problem

For the last two weeks I am having problems with google play sign in, only in E&P and not other games. When the game is opening, it asks me to sign in twice, and after a few minutes in the game, I check if I am still signed in, but it shows that I am not and I have to sign in again. This happens every time I log in the game which is about maybe ten times or more in a day. I am afraid that one day, in a rush, I will forget to check if I am signed in and lose my progression in game.
By the way I tried to restart the device, deleting the game and downloading again but nothing works :frowning:
What should I do?

Yep, it takes an “age”, I’ve waited minutes that I don’t have before Google play games would let me play. Then got ripped off by the server issue problem (wasted 2 raid flasks). Didn’t even give me a WE flask as compensation.

A pile of dioxin contaminated fish for my Baltic “friends”.

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