Google Play Points, In-Game Purchases

In the Google Play Store I’ve noticed that everytime I purchase something in- game , I accumulate Play points that can be redeemed or spent in -game , the trouble is E&P seem to have not initiated specific purchase point levels so as to use these points on anything at the moment .

Is anything coming at all ?

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Yes. If you click on them, you’ll see 3 tabs,.one of which is ‘use’. This allows you to claim a voucher (1000 points is £10, so you can pay for the valor pass :laughing:)

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I was actually referring to direct in- games purchases like your Angry birds game , which would be more favorable to the player of the game ie . 400 points £10 in -game credit but is if its a generic Google credit then that’s a bit pitiful

Ah, I gets ya. I must have skim read. Yes, I’d be interested to know this too

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I never know they did this thanks just signed up.
Shame I just spent £50 on teltoc :pensive:

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In 2+yrs of playing, I’ve never seen an E&P in-game offer for redeeming Google Play Points.

Only option I know of to date is convert to Google Play Credit per post #2 above.

Pre-existing #ideas-feature-requests thread: GooglePlay Points Redeemable in Empires and Puzzles

Please continue discussion & voting there.

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