GooglE Play Card Purchase Enquiey

Hey legends , question incase anyone knows. I get Google Play cards once a month as an incentive for work, pretty sweet. Question is if I use a $30 card on a $50 gem deal does It allow you to pay the other $20 with another method to cover the difference? Or does it just not allow the initial purchase at all?

I don’t have an Android device, but based on some quick Googling, I found some articles that seemed to indicate split payment is allowed.

I also found this on Google’s Support site:

You can only combine your Google Play balance with another form of payment or promotion if your balance is less than your purchase amount.



That should work with any VISA, MC or AMEX gift card too FYI. As long as the amount on the card is less it ur phones wallet or payment setup will use it and then go right to what is behind it. If the balance is higher it will not allow u to enter amounts ahead of time to split. Only “in-store purchasing” can do that as of now. Just some additional info for everyone. Also don’t forget to register those GCs when u get them. If u lose it or it’s taken u should take a pic if the card number and 800 number so u can call and if it’s registered they will replace it. Have a great day all


Awesome cheers you two :slight_smile:

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