Google Play Balance Bug

I have a Google Play Balance of $100 and trying to purchase the $99.99 Magic Forest Deal. If I go to purchase $99.99 worth of gems in the store, it shows my Google Play Balance of $100. For the Magic Forest Deal, it is only showing $50 and not allowing me to make the purchase. Please help, since this offer ends later today!!!

Hi @tinman32608,

Unfortunately the Forum is primarily for player peer support, so no one can help with account issues on here.

I suspect you should actually contact Google for help with this, but you could additionally try contacting Small Giant.

I don’t think you’ll hear back from them soon enough at this point, to be honest, since it’s late night already in Helsinki, but it’s worth a shot.

are taxes involved or included in google play card? Iv only used one in the uk and it didn’t. It may depend on what country your in? Totally unsure but could be a option to look into.

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