Google play asking me to allow repeatedly

I get this popup three or four times every time I log into the game? It’s really frustrating as it seems to be repeatedly trying to connect to Google play and then finally it manages. Doesn’t seem to matter if it is over wi-fi or 4g.

Would really like it to stop!

I get it too, nothing I have tried has been able to stop it and really slows logging in down.

I normally get it twice every time I launch the game.

There is a setting in the Play Games app called “Sign into games automatically” that should get rid of the prompts. Every so often it seem that setting clears and I have to set it again (on an update or something?). Obviously this will apply to all games and not just E&P… it would’ve been nice to set this on a per-game basis. But then again, I don’t really play any other games much any more… :laughing:

sorry where’s this sign into games auto? went into settings but don’t see it

Try to clear the game cash and reopen the game.
I think this will make your problem solve.

Have you changed any settings in gmail by any chance? I messed with mine after seeing the amount of crap google was storing on me (the pages), freaked at some of the intrusive stuff and tightened up my privacy settings. It instantly had this same problem!

Hasten to add I did that as I’m private and antisocial lol, I didn’t like the intrusiveness. Not got anything to hide!!