Goodbye Xtreme Panda! A Tribute

Xtreme Panda is the one and only alliance I have ever been a member of. After 962 days, I say farewell as all good things must come to an end. I wanted to do a small tribute to the alliance that made me who I am and the people I’ve had the honor of playing with. RIP Xtreme Panda.


Sorry to see you guys Split. From xtreme pandas to X-men. You’d definitely shattered the Glass ceiling as an allliance, but there comes a time that everyone must say, this is It, Chapter Two. I will definitely keep an eye on your future Chronicles. And glad to see the alliance dissolving on good terms, rather than Atonement.


Goodbye, Xtreme Panda. May its players be blessed in the game and in real life.


Goodbye Xtreme Panda. You guys were one of my favourite alliances in the game. So really sorry to see the alliance get dissolved. But as you said, RL always comes first. I want to wish all the members good luck for their future endeavors. Looking forward to your new journey in the magical realms of Empires & Puzzles. :slight_smile:


Nice to see the class continue even in the disbanding.

Well done and best of luck in everyone’s future endeavors.



Thanks for sharing! I know it wasn’t easy an easy decision… good luck on your next journey… wherever that may lead you. You’re a knowledgeable player and any alliance would be lucky to have you!


wow. That was a powerful tribute. :cry: Thank you for sharing and may you find happiness in your next alliance and may the people of Xtreme have fun in their lives as they go about them


Great video with all the feels :relaxed:

Blessings upon your future endeavours and I hope we get to enjoy more of your content :star_struck:

Meanwhile…when @NittanyLionRoar asks if anyone has a free space in their Alliance:



You guys were our (Muad’Dib) first ever war opponent. Man, that was a long time ago.


The game keeps us entertained, but it’s the alliance mates and great people along the way that keep us playing.

962 days is an amazing achievement and says a lot about the family culture in Xtreme panda - RIP. :sob: All the very best for future endeavours.


Wow! All I can say. Wow!

I hope you all stay in touch.

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Very nicely done. Watched many of your videos before I took a major stepback following francois/telluria. I remain playing scarcely only because of players like yourself, that I was blessed to find while playing. Good luck in your endeavors.


Well that’s part of life I guess and cycle of change and after so much time perfect strangers become friends all do they never see each other nor they ever will.

I also wish you all the best and great new challenges, keep smacking where ever you are.

My alliance leader is 1081 day’s active and our oldest member is 1096 day’s and still very much active. I am only 757 days in it and my first and only alliance like my friends mentioned so I know this is hard for all.

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All the best to you and the rest of XP

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Farewel NLR. I hope you find the same joy in the new alliance that you bless by being there.


I’m so sorry about it. You guys have always been my ispiration since my very beginning. Wish you all good luck. Everybody is going to miss Pandas :heart:


Newly single and she’s getting all the love. Heard she might get the kids, too.

Poor Mister Pandas…


Wow ,sorry to see extreme panda leave ,when I first started playing this game they were one of the one’s that I watched to learn about tips on playing the game as I watched Nitty Lion Roar as well , I hope everything works out for you guy’s and I wanted to wish everyone the best and hopefully everything will work out for you all .God Bless and stay safe and you guy’s be good