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Unfortunately you are right.
I am dreading the day we meet 25 or more Ludwig tanks with Autotaunt in war. Then the broken rush format will look like a vacation.

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To me it looks like they want to seriously tap into the Chinese market. 3 kingdom war, Chinese new year event, many China oriented heroes. If that works they can afford to loose some players elsewhere I guess…

They’ve been tapping into it for a few years now with the 11:11 deals, I think it also brings in newer heroes and shows more thought to other great nations of the world, Players from the Far East have been calling for heroes from their region almost since season 2.

I think your view falls over slightly with the summer Finnish event and the Valentines event but you could have a little point.


It would be interesting if a new hero came out dressed up like a scientist/doctor. I wonder what the special would be. Either healing or poisoning.

I believe there’s already Quintus, whose actual description is Mad Scientist/Electro Scientist/Love Doctor depending on which version you’re looking at. So that’s the scientist ticked off :sweat_smile:


And sort of the doctor, too, in the secondary.

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Was only a matter of time when Zynga took over. We turned casual and pretty much quit serious playing months ago, we feel TK’s frustration but we don’t let it bother us anymore.


Completely agree. I dropped out of competitive play. I run Waterpipe while almost everyone else in my alliance runs purple tanx. My defense does extremely well. And the game is fun.

I won’t spend anymore money. W3K, MnM, Waterpipe, even GM were all outright theft. My W3K defense was up for one war. Fortunately I didn’t blow as much money as others. MnM is indeed useless. That broke many spirits and I did many pulls over the month of Morlovia.

I didn’t go after lunar heroes because you don’t need them. You only need the threat of them to take Waterpipe out. Unless you drop down to where the sane people play and make due.

SG literally hates its customers. They are the Comcast of mobile games.


:warning: Mod edit: Translation to English

This only happens, because they want to be an ali top, they see that by spending money the best heroes are acquired, and putting them to the top another expense, which in the following months, no longer serve as defenses against the new ones that appear, supply and demand , who wins here is the company, that is the true top 1 alliance, the rest of us are just their piggy banks…

It feels like the top alis disappear, because of the company’s marketing, who only want our money.


Original text

Esto sólo ocurre, por querer ser una ali top, ven que gastando money se adquieren los mejores heroes, y ponerlos a tope otro gasto más, que a los meses siguientes, ya no sirven como defensas ante los nuevos que van apareciendo, oferta y demanda, aquí quien gana es la empresa, esa es la verdadera alianza top 1, los demás, solo somos sus huchas…

Se siente que desaparezcan las alis top, por culpa del marketin de la empresa, que sólo quieren nuestro money.


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Well cKrampus (and the Xmas family bonus) and Xnolphod got nerfed because they were too relevant for too long right? You’d think with all the shiny new heroes released these days SG could at least do us the courtesy of un-nerfing them, but we all know that’ll never happen.

Same goes with Telluria, I mean hell even Vela mostly got restored to her original form, there’s simply no excuse to not un-nerf Telluria in 2023.


Tell should get restored I agree. It’s bittersweet to see TK go.

I have to ask a serious question. Is this idea that meta teams don’t last long enough really relevant? I looked at the top 20 raid teams and there are only a few units that repeat over and over and all of them have been around for a long time (guardian panter, bastet, Anne, Jove). I don’t really get the OPs complaint that the meta changes to quick. I agree, the release of units is too quick, but in a way that keeps the meta fresh and allows several different combinations for raid defense. Not to mention raid defense is just a tiny part of this game. Other than that there is no real ‘meta’. Variety seems to be a good thing. It’s more TK addictive nature of feeling they need to collect every unit that’s causing them anxiety. Nothing the game is doing wrong. Plenty of players and alliances are super competitive using older units and not chasing power creep.

Just stop looking at Raid tbh. Your opinion is one of reason why this game coming close to death. Why? Raid showed nothing just the moment you put your eyes on it. You can repeat one team fighting until running out of gems which bring you the feeling that you can beat any team, any defense and you’re the greatest of tiles moving. The game did nothing wrong? So what is competition if your defense is easily down? What is the point of being strong? Only offense?
The whole problem here comes from SGG. If you keep chasing the ■■■■■■■ newest heroes, you will get good result in both defense and offense, and it brings them money. Many many more like tower climbing or challenge event, even AQ if you experienced enough to understand. Otherwise, they will keep releasing new offers about resources (aether, coin, gems, flasks, ascension materials) over and over again to make money. Yes you can protect they did nothing wrong but this is not a right way to do it.
For example: if you wanna beat the Alfnck in rush, you need to counter her in 3 ways: Faiez, Disabling her or kill her in a combo. Can you afford the 6 hits everytime? Same to WP, Miriam. Now what? They release a Bunny/Tiger who turned your 3-400 pulls to get strong tank into clown. Are we having a really strong tank atm?
Stop talking like F2P needs something to do competition. Take a seat then watch if you dont afford the game lol.

The only competition against other people in this game (the thing that leads to F2P complaining about P2P and whale advantages) is raid, tournaments, war. Raid is the only one that is consistent and you keep mostly the same defense team the whole time. The rest are highly dependent on other factors with a wide array of choices to compete. So yeah, if we are gonna talk about meta, like the OP has, that’s where it comes from…raid defense, and to a less controlled extent war defense.


Specific to your Q, my understanding is

  • Players who compete at the top (individual / alliances) chase certain heroes and RNG ensures the chase can be quick (cheap) or lengthy (costly).
  • Most chases are costly & hence the expectations are higher.
  • Any change is not taken well, especially the nerfs receive HIGH dislike ! (Mildly put).
  • I spend, but haven’t chased, or play competitive, so while I understand the nerf related disappointments, I am not affected by it all….as my gaming experience still goes on like before.

Hence the extreme reactions to the spends backed hero acquisitions….AND SG has been rolling out high number of heroes….so the vicious cycle is repeated more frequently….:man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2::grinning:

Cheers !


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Team Korea’s complaint has nothing to do with raid defense. This is all about war. They were one of the few alliances that could field 30 identical defenses on the battlefield. That would require a lot of summoning and mats. With the recent constant nerfs, this process became even more costly, hence their decision to quit top competition.

You’re free to discuss raid defense meta and its impact. But starting there to question TK’s decision is a straw man.


LOL I am sure many, many players don’t. Just as I am sure many, many players DO set their best defence in raid as they have a desire to retain cups. I personally don’t anymore but up until recently I did.

This is part of the problem, everyone assumes that their perspective is right and all opposing perspectives are wrong. They are all perspectives and all are equally valid. Some may be based on faulty information (and who’s to say which that is?) but are still valid to that player holding it. You can discuss the different perspectives and why you feel yours is superior (with facts, please) but simply stating something does not make it so.

To me personally, raid is one of the things I enjoy most in the game – as frustrating and aggravating as it can be at times. So no, it is NOT nothing.

Edit: I personally applaud TK for recognizing that the constant chasing of the top is a futile gesture to them and not sustainable for them. I hope they move on to more fruitful gameplay (here or elsewhere).


Okay, so then I ask how quickly the meta really is changing then? Where’s the proof? If you want to go by war…what’s the ‘meta’ tank? Do you think there would be agreement on what it is? TK may think they know what it is, but they are just players like anyone else. Then you have the fact that war has different modes. So the meta tank won’t always be the same. Look at rush…what’s the most desired unit there? Alfrike?!? Can always be argued, but if that’s the case, Alfrike as been out a long time. I 100% disagree that the meta is changing as fast as TK argues it is. They just basically chase every unit and rush to raise them up only to see if they are meta. I really don’t see how that would be fun for anyone, but whatever. Lots of subpar heroes being released lately…I wouldn’t call that a quickly changing meta.

IMO the new Meta tank is Futdinand, the yellow dog from pets event. Flank him with c.Panther and or Bastet and add two fast AoE or hit three snipers on wing.
And the meta was changing from blue tanks (M&M / Warerpipe) to yellow tanks. The blue minion tanks were obsolete in tank role after the lunar heroes arrived.
Iove, Anne and Furdinand are usable yellow tanks with the dog being OP.
If you have two comparable alliances matched in war, the alliance who could field more Furdinand tanks will win.
If you have a chance of more than 60% oneshots on „normal“ tanks, its below 50% on the dog.

So TK was correct, the meta is shifting fast. From end of Morlovia portal to the start of the lunar- new-year portal were some six weeks. Only six weeks to ascend, max, emblem, LB AND use the heroes, then they were obsolete in their intended role.
A sad decission from SG.

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