Goodbye Team korea://////


This is indeed a historical moment! Good bye, enjoy whatever else you start doing instead and congrats once again for what you achieved in E&P


Good luck all. Hope you all enjoy whatever you do. Cheers


the whales had given up. this game is coming to an end @Petri congratulations to the EP staff!!


If this is real, this should have an impact.

SG is making one bad decision after another, making the game worse with every update.

Many of the small to medium spenders have left the game, went f2p or are at least very frustrated and not willing to spend more.

But i know that a few big whales are worth more than Most of the Playerbase together since the most revenue ist created by the top 5% or maybe only the top 1% of spenders.

Therefore the end of Team Korea as it is and the 30+ big Spenders in there will hopefully create an outcry that even SG cant ignore because this time they will feel it.

So If this is true, i can only say thank you to Team Korea for taking that step


When the Koreans leave a game, you know the developers done messed up.

Seriously. I wonder if the people at the “bottom” of Zynga / SG are so guilt-riddled about deliberately taking advantage of people with a gambling problem, that they are tanking the game on purpose to make people stop hurting themselves on this particular game. Taking down their own evil thing they made.

(I’d rather they just make it a fun game that would appeal to all of us, because a LOT of people paying a little money would be significantly more than the few whales. This is why taxes work for government income.)


I think it could be real. They have changed their ally name:


They left the same farewell article to the Korean E&P community. It doesn’t mean they will quit, though. It means they won’t spend much any longer to be at the top and they will change the alliance’s name.

Team Korea, farewell.

Hope all of you enjoy this beautiful game under the rules of your own.


This is very very sad…bye TK :heart:


This stinks of self importance and delusions of grandeur.


Why flag the truth?

Half of the forum blames this half of the forum for the current state of the game.


I believe there are other alliances ready to step into their shoes.

Finally people realise that you can never be no.1 forever

Whilst it’s sad it’s also bittersweet as hopefully this might ring in the ears of the staff and create slowdown like players have been calling for around 2 years now.

Good luck to all the TK players.


Thank you, i didnt find that.

Well, in a best Case scenario, this will be the start of some top alliances stopping to pay for this ongoing desaster, so that SG have to change something in a positiv way for the players.

Or the game will simply die sooner than later.


Wow - was not expecting this. One of the two strongest alliance (the other one being 7DD) has decided to slow down.

SG is pushing to the limit of the spenders and now it may backfire.


The first of hopefully more allies and ally families who step up against the overload of bad decisions by SG. I can only hope that the 7dd family and others do the same. :pray:


quite a change indeed. hope they still find some fun and fulfillment playing the game more casually.


I was just coming on to the forum so that I could post about this topic and saw that it’s already here. Lets be clear, It is not the fault of players what has happened with this game. The responsibility sits squarely on the shoulders of the developers and the owners.

I run a top 20 alliance, and the feeling in the top level is the worst it’s ever been. The release of many new overpowered heroes in numerous portals, plus numerous events, is exhausting players and bringing about many retirements. The biggest issue is the short shelf life of the defense heroes that are used for top defenses. They are released, leveled, and put into top defenses, and within months they are useless. There is almost no point in pulling for these heroes, considering that we know they are not going to be any good within months. Two months maybe is all you might get out of a new defense tank. It’s too expensive. The nerfing of the last meta tanks (m&m, WP, W3K) was frankly ridiculous.

Its sad to see Team Korea go, but I have so much respect for them for making this decision, and I’m certain at least some other top alliances are contemplating similar moves (as in no longer chasing). The concern we all feel about these changes is becoming a primary topic of conversation every single day now, yet their is no change in the course that they are taking in the game. I shudder to think about all the retirements that are coming in the months ahead. It does I feel like the game is in a death spiral at this point that is speeding up rapidly.


Its real, he said so in top leaders


The cost of being Number 1 is very significant.

I’m not surprised that it starts to have an impact. I don’t condone what E&P does despite my humorous title. But this is like a casino in Las Vegas…if you keep spending money they will keep facilitating it irrespective of whether you can afford it or not.

There’s comes a point when you have to stop and look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you want to keep on the path. These guys clearly decided that as a collective all 30 couldn’t keep doing it (I saw there defences from a Rush war a few back…wasn’t filled with the new meta, warning signs were there then for this)

I do hope they slow it all down a little but I can’t help but feel someone has decided to bleed the whales dry and worry about what’s left after


Afraid that this gonna be domino effect


It’s sad to see such a top alliance fold, and SCARY. I’m part of the leadership of big family, and if all the deluge of context and new aether can affect TK, it’s something we will all feel the affects too.

I really hope that the loss of a premier alliance will wake SG up!