Goodbye, I'll never be back

How many downloads does that game have? If it is in the millions, then it may be a good game indeed.

I’ve played a game for 23 years now. Microsoft bought Bungie for the rights to Halo that they needed a killer app for launch. Microsoft GAVE away their rights (open source) and it is still a pile of fun online or over LAN if you have friends old enough.

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Holy CRAP. Halo is 23 years old?!?!


Probably more 20 to 21. Microsoft had to buy a Mac game developer to deliver the kick ■■■ game goods for the XBox 1

The original HALO was being coded for Mac OS (system 9)

I couldn’t agree more! It has been disheartening to say the least watching the gaming industry shift towards the DLC/microtransaction/subscription model over the past decade and a half. Sadly, the financial incentives are huge and that’s proven to be a far too lucrative proposition for many gaming companies to ignore.

Still, if you look hard enough you can find the sort of games you remember. I recently finished playing a ‘space’ game from a certain small indie company that was hands down the best game I’ve played in years. No DLC, no optional extras, no microtransactions. Just an enjoyable and fun game with a great story. They do exist, even if few and far between.

As for E&P and the original topic, If the offers and constant demand to spend more and more is something you’re struggling to deal with then moving onto something else really is the best option. I understand not everyone can be content to play for free or with what they have and you’ll be far happier in a different game.

Still, you missed a great opportunity to feed all those heroes to Dawa, giving her so much power she could have ruled the world!! ~evil maniacal laughter


Yep. Agreeing on this. Candy Crush perhaps? Combine it with physically playing and collecting collectible cards from anime or cartoons or whatnot with friends and family while playing CC would be as close to E&P as you could get. Oh, I forgot. Getting those physical hero cards are also being sold. Does CC currently also have micro transaction nowadays? I,'ll be dumbfounded it does. Lol

There’s a game I keep seeing in the advert where you move 3 puppies and win $1500! Looks totally amazing! Maybe try that!

Important Disclaimer:

No one has ever won that money, they make you watch hours of adverts a day and leave you short so you start again. And then you get really close! But have to start again.

At least E&P gives you what it says it does.

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Well written post as usual.
I started gaming with Pong, then amiga, commodore 64, amiga, pc and all series of ps consoles + wii + sega back in the day. I am a hard core gamer.

Gaming industry died the day Apple release iPhone App store and extreme easy ability to pay. Everything started with App store. Than facebook games etc… killed gaming.

There are handful studio’s left who still can handle Free games. For me there is only one studio left whom I will buy games close eye ( which I already did the moment they put 2077 on pre sale ) CD Project. Still I have 200+ games on my PS library.

There are still very good indie games also. Yeah the big dogs are all greedy but I stopped caring for their games long ago. I don’t buy games from EA, Activision without detailed checking the reviews and I never pay single cent for MT in any game.

I played Destiny for over 4 years and the moment they changed their focus to MT and put game free, I left the game.

This is basically for me the only game I play on mobile and it is just a distraction tool. I didn’t mind buying VIP and doing pulls from time to time to support the publisher but in last 8-9 months the balance in this game also switched extremely fast to MT and greedy.

I know it is slowly dying for me, will possibly go on some time but if things will not change soon, I may also say my own goodbye


With great sadness I also recently saw two longtime allies giving up on the game for the same reason. One of them collected gems for a year and only took classic 3*. The three words that best express this type of games are disillusion, greed and disrespect. Probabilities are like to survive a cancer.


Now playing the game

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Looks like this game become a pain for us all…
But, the worst thing is the stuff of Empires&Puzzles don’t see this…
They will, probably, when they will remain with half of players, the players who don’t give them the highly prices they ask for this garbage…
Anyway, this game is consumed, become a thing without nothing inside, like a light bulb without light.
We losing precious time when this garbage, time which will never recover…
I wish to can all to put stop on this game or at least to give them a pause from our money.
Ar least 6 months or one year…
Can we do that? :thinking:
Let’s try! :+1:t2:
Thanks for your courage, Rodrigooa25!
The evil must be cut from roots to not take your soul…
You succeed that! :+1:t2:
Congratulation! :confetti_ball:

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I agree! I have not been playing that long and if I wasn’t unemployed I would have quit already myself. It’s pretty sad when you do a legendary summon and get Bane. Really folks get a clue or your patronage will drop off and when your paying players can’t find people to play with guess what will happen. It’s sad cause I like this game. I played another game that even if you spent money it took a long time to get anything good or done. Needless to say I quit that game and I spent money on it. Good luck in your ventures and somewhere out there is a game for people like us.

Im so glad someone finally pointed out the main factor that is killing the game is lack of fun. Since pretty much every event favors whales it didnt take long for the novice to wear off on newer players for them to realize spending hours on tiers only to get the boots loot. Would get real old. When empires started it was fun, I got a lot of friends and coworkers to play and some of them are still entertained by it, however right around the debacle of JF and telluria after 2 years of solid loyalty, I finally found myself taking a look in the lobby again. Tried a couple of games that had worse timers than empires and one anchor recommended that is total garbage. However I finally found one that brought back that old feeling I received when I bought final fantasy VII and the story started to unfold.

Empires was fun until greed overtook the fun, now its just like my first car, had so much fun and a lot of memories but its now time to let her go. Good post


BOOM! Good luck…

Wouldn’t happen to be NMS, would it?

:heart: that game. Though one never simply “finishes” it, as it goes on for eternity.

I’m interested in hearing more about this. Send me a Line message, my ID ‘jessempires’. Thanks!

okay for me its just another “circle of life” , happened in every single game especially for old player who feel bored , feel unlucky or already find another new game then put little spice to make it more dramatically. i just wonder why every quitter need to make new post to announce their quit.

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Because they want, can and don’t need someone else’s agreed

ah i see attention seeker , thanks for explanation man , rlly appreciate it

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No problem. Call me any time if you will not understand something again or someone’s opinion will not coincide with yours

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