Goodbye, I'll never be back

For me, it’s already … I got tired of this game run by greedy people, everything in this game is to take money from the player and it has no end, the more you spend, but they find some way to make you spend more. There is no incentive to the player, not even to those who spend money, even heroes that they launch, make players spend money, right after they come with this nerf talk and neither the dignity of compensating the injured players with something that one would want to generate losses to them, due to such greed. But anyway, I managed to open my eyes to all this and I hope that everyone finds their way. I’ve never been so relieved to do something. To those who remain, I wish you all the luck in the world and may the Lord Jesus guide your ways with much blessing, happiness and health. Stay in peace.


Goodbye, @Rodrigooa25. Please make a last ditch effort here: Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI].


I have been playing a different match 3 game for about six weeks. Haven’t spent a cent and have been fairly entertained. It has no timers so you play whenever you like without having to watch a clock. It is less social although it does have a guild aspect. It has been a fun time waster so far. There are other games out there that aren’t as usury.


To make it memorable. Can u screenshot ur roster?

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I’m sorry, I already deleted it. But I left the video link in the post. Hug.


Wish you best enjoy your grind free life :slight_smile:

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For removing all emblems from all heroes you must buy gems - even in the end this game trying to sell you something :slight_smile:


Hey! You did not color feed… it’s a lot more food efficient…


Why don’t you play for free when you see no return of invesment on the money you spent? I can guarantee you could get a way more pleasure of the game. Well, i guess not any longer but still you would feel a lot better, at least not gonna regret anything at the end :wink:

Anyway, enjoy your retirement :slight_smile:


Some people can’t play for free it seems. The only way to break the chain is burn the castle down.

Which is fine, you do whatever you need to do.

Why it needs a big YouTube video for attention is the bit I don’t get.

Just quit and move on. I don’t need to watch a Viking funeral :joy:


I didn’t make any video to get attention, so much so that it’s the only video I posted on YouTube … and I did it because the colleague above asked. Another thing that was already fed up is these aggressive pastures and unfounded accusations. Be alright.


You missed a few…Aife is still hungry.
F2P would have been easier IMO

Not trying to be and a ■■■■, but you could just stop spending money. Did you ever think of that? It’s not like SG has a gun to your head saying spend all your money.


Good Bye, I’m thinking to move away as well.
Don’t like the way the game is turning. I’ve stopped to spend money 2 weeks ago and will never put a cent again. From now on I’m a f2p and probably soon a don’t play at all

Don’t let the door knob hit you on the way out.


Why? The game is fun to play. It’s a distraction from the sorry mess of the world right now.

Just play for free…enjoy the challenges that brings and ignore the offers. You don’t need all the shiny heroes to play and a lot of the fun this game brings is in alliances where you can share a camaraderie.

We have several F2P in ours and they do just as well as we do. They just play the game differently is all.


Best of luck in your life. Don’t play any gatcha style mobile games in the future as no doubt you’ll end in the same place again. Save your money and find something positive to do with it.


Safe travels, and may your path be bright.

I’m amused by the Viking Funeral. It’s like a cleansing ritual; forcing forward progression by burning it all down behind you so that you can never be tempted to come back.

I believe all of the crass comments come from a perspective that lacks understanding. This game is addictive; craving cash and time to satiate its appetite. Some folks can actively manage their time and budget appropriate to the level they want. Others will always overcommit and/or overspend and slowly be drawn back in. In the end, we hopefully will choose a path that is most beneficial for ourselves; whether that is becoming a casual player, ftp player, strictly adhering to personal guidelines, or watching it all go down the drain.

Personally, I would lack the certainty of never returning (probably due to my educational background in the sciences), so I will never go the route of the Viking Funeral. I’d probably be more likely to uninstall the app. However, I can totally see why some folks would do it; and why it’s a bit of fun to post it for others (and the devs :smiling_imp:) to view.



I find two problems with this

Starting Fun

Empires is a lot of fun until Stronghold 13, and then only gets grindy at Legendary training

This is my plan if Puzzle Combat ever gets a global release. So probably 3x to 6x months of play. Only buying gems to expand teams and for my alliance teammates.

SGG seems to be holding on to Puzzle Combat until another company enters the genre ( Bimbos and Battleships, or what ever it’s called is vehicles not heroes) or Empires starts to die.


Follow the money.

SGG chose gatcha because it was profitable and investors were willing to invest ( three rounds of capital investment) because it was profitable.

Not every game can be Stardew Valley ( single creator, no investors )

Casinos are still around, so gatcha will always have investors.

But hopefully in the future game studios will explore other options including ethical gatcha and tiered subscriptions.

It is interesting to see Pokémon GO substantially increase micro transactions since 2019-December because The Pokémon Company only allows them to license IP ( Intellectual Property) not create IP. And Niantic is running out of Pokémon IP.


As history has shown, established companies have no incentive to be daring ( looking at you Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy).

Only new, or failing, companies need to be daring ( looking at you Domino’s Pizza revamp ).


Click for notes


Tiered Subscription

Path Of Valor is not a subscription since many players cannot complete it ( that is another rant )

Some old suggestions

([Suggestion, Passes, Gems] Castle Pets or subscriptions)


How ethical is deliberately designing behaviorally addictive micro transactions instead of flat priced, or yearly, DLC/ expansions/ seasons/ updates?

([Discussion] Gacha, Pseudo Gambling, Pity timers, Shops and ethics or Ethical Profits?)



I have not yet dumped my heroes as you have but im at 8 months no spend and for those that say go ftp makes it better it doesn’t. The issue was never about spending , but about spending and feeling shafted multiple ways from.never getting heroes to finally getting a decent one only for it to be nerfed. The game simply is not entertaining anymore with the flood of beginning players leaving the new players have no idea what the game was like before. 8 months ago I found a new game that actually did what it said, and haven’t turned back since. There are much better games out currently and we have a bunch of our players joining us daily. If interested in a new environment with some of the real members leave your line i.d. and we will send you some information. Good luck to you


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