Goodbye & Good Luck

#Me too! Had to take a break from the excessive pressure selling. Must admit it pained me to let my alliance mates down. #Goblin balloon a step too far!


I too am tired of seeing 4-8 popups asking for my money. I’m curious how Season 3 ends. After that I’ll see what happens.


They can ask me all they want - doesn’t mean they’re getting it :grin:

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Awww @MrsBCW I’m sorry I missed this original post! Wish I had been able to say a proper goodbye that you would read. :frowning_face:

Definitely understand your reasons for leaving, as have many other great players before you, and probably many more to follow…

Wish you the best of luck in life and other games!

I know that I have personally threatened to leave several times… (and every time, I meant it)…
And I constantly complain about these stupid cash grab thingies… (and every time, I meant it)…

And perhaps one of these days, I will ACTUALLY leave for good…
But in the meantime, I’m going to stick around and continue to complain about all the stupid :poop: that is driving so many good people to leave.

Even though I know it’s a waste of my time.


I keep secretly hoping that maybe.

Just maybe.

Some day.

That horse will wake up

and be resurrected as a magical Pegasus unicorn.


Oh how you always manage to make me smile with your wicked sense of humor!

So I’ve removed the game but will stay on the forums for a bit…you never know I could change my mind and want to play again.

I know I’ve mainly complained about the amount of purchases available, however the main reason is I feel this game has run its course for me. In actuality I probably should of given the game up a few months ago, would of saved frustration and and liking all the threads that voiced how I was feeling.

Anywho…so yeah I’ll be “lurking” to make sure that you get flagged at least once a week, ruffle a few feathers and laugh at your memes.

All the best to you and hope your luck changes for the better :kissing_heart:


Hope the b-hive suits you. Sad to see another top kiwi depart


Thank you Arctic and I wish you luck :slight_smile:

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Best wishes, really cool that you’re staying in touch with people in your alliance! and may the next game you find bring you much joy and fun!


Please do play again, it’s much better once you stop paying and completely lower your expectations. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s funny how I’m able to change my perspective on things.

I used to get mad when people raided me. Steal from my watchtower? How dare you! Now it gives me countless opportunities to revenge raid higher level opponents with very little risk to my own cup count.

I used to get mad when people argued with me on here. Now it’s entertainment.

I used to get mad when I got flagged. Now I’m starting to think of each flag as a sort of achievement.

I used to get mad about Boblin Galloon hovering over my base. Now it’s something I get to flip off every day!

Oooh now there’s an option I’d like to see in the game. Click on a villager, and instead of waving at me, the villager turns around and gives the middle finger to the balloon.

That… now that is an option I would be willing to pay for.

You know what… thing is, no, I haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to summoning great heroes or getting great loot in this game. But that taught me not to spend any more money on it, and it’s a lesson I’m glad I learned early on, before getting caught into the trap of spending way more than I can actually afford to spend chasing heroes that I don’t really need.

I’ve been extremely lucky in other areas of my life, mainly in the kind of people I’ve been lucky enough to meet here. I’ll take that over any 5* hero summon any day. :wink:


6 to 9 popups would be my bet. (They just have to take that time out of your life).

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I was going to reply to your now closed thread on those that have left after “investing” the game…not those exact words but am sure you know the one that I mean.

When I first started playing, Jan 2018, I spent quite alot of money up till hubby started playing 6mths later :grimacing:

Anywho, I may have spent some more from then till about 4mths ago - all of which had given me a pretty decent roster.

I think at last count I had 45 fully ascended 5s; 30-something 4s and nearly 50 3s :nerd_face:

I haven’t “eaten” any of them since I un-installed it nearly a week ago. Also, I left my same def as-is…you know just in case I want to play again.

It was a little bit hard deciding to stop playing after having spent so many hours, money, blood, sweat and tears.

I had to change my mindset from, “…but you’ve spent quite a bit of money on this game, what a waste!” to, “…yes I’ve spent money however at the end of the day it is only a game”. This made it alot easier for me to “step-away”.

The other thing too is that I found myself getting more frustrated and angry with the game that I’d wonder why I was still playing it. In real-life, when I feel that way I stop whatever it is causing it, step away, etc, etc.

I don’t have the guts to feed away my heroes as I know that my curiosity will get the better of me and I will be back to playing. Especially seeing that hubby likes to tell me about the new heroes, ToL, etc, etc :rofl:

Tbh Empires & Puzzles is a great game, and as I’ve mentioned before, it is the longest time I’ve ever stuck with one.

Apart from all the purchase opportunities, SG really have created something where all of us older (meaning anyone 30+) folk can congregate and utilise what brain cells we have left to strategise, etc. And that’s why I know I’ll be back…not as a Terminator Cyborg :rofl:

So that’s how I came to my decision.

And…sorry, not sorry, for the essay :nerd_face::grimacing::grin:

Thing is Zynga acquisition turned game into an abusive relationship. It was not perfect before Zynga but after acquisition levels are bypassed. I don’t get mad on getting attacked or loosing. But if i see 0 tiles on my board, i surelyg et upset.

Designing a balanced game is uber important. Yes the company needs to make money but always pushing players in depressive moods and only designing dopamine effect on hero pulls and chests is plain wrong design.

If a player invest years into building it’s base, they shall at least try to enjoy the PVE side of the game. There shall be some clear, maybe long paths on gathering hero’s and ascended mats more. Zynga needs to sit back and decide which items they want to make money. Hero pulls, sure increase that but while doing that stop offering ascended mats via paid options. They are too much all combined.

Game has many QOL issues and we players expect improvements on them. Instead we only see new features like Goblin ballon etc. that are designed to irritate players even more.

I really want to continue playing the game but every other day i feel Zynga pushes me away and away further. What is the reasoning behind nerfing loot tickets? what harm do they do to game economy? What harm will the game face if players could ascend players faster. I have many ascended heros including 10 5 stars. But i remember the pain and with all new additions, it is clear that percentages to acquire ascension materials are nerfed again.

As stated iniitally the relationship with Zynga and players turned into an abusive state. Specially older players started to feel this more.

Telluria was the final nerf in the coffin imo. Players already were feeling the pressure and then this bait and switch tactic and turning wars, raids into a boring state started the end. I will still go on at least a month or two i think but i am feeling every day i am departing the game even further.

I believe for me the end point will be the day Cyberpunk 2077 is released. I don’t think i will ever think of this game any more and move away. I lost so many friends lately because of this abusive relationship. Couple months ago we were enjoying our time on alliance chats, now it is all ranting about the game.

With each unbalanced war, we are loosing more players. Even on last wars 1000point + win, we lost players because fighting an easy opponent is not fun.

I believe this is the start of the end and the only solution lies on Zynga. They need to sit down and evaluate the game better and improve their monetising strategies otherwise it will be too late.

Thats why i fully understand everyone who choose to leave and i believe we shall not encourage them to stay. Because encouraging people will only force them to endure this abusive relationship further.

If changes happen, i believe many past departed player can still get back. But things need to improve fast…

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I’ve seen a video of someone doing that. It was just awful…

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Yeah I recall back in the day someone rage-quitting because they’d spent so much trying to get a hero (Guinevere or a HotM) they fed everyone to Aife!

I was horrified!

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