Goodbye, for now

Hello forum,

I love you, I have loved you, and I will continue to love you (except for the buff and nerf threads, but hey, not everyone is perfect Edit: except my wife)

You have provided me entertainment, knowledge, discussion, friends, fellowship, fun, information, and more.

Thank you to everyone that makes this space what it is:

I have been accepted to a masters program for the fall, and as I prepare myself I am cutting back on the areas where I spend the time that needs to be used to move, enroll, and start my studies.

This is going to take two forms:

  1. I am taking a hiatus from active involvement in the forums (sorry counting and A-to-Z threads, but at least the mods won’t have me giving them more work elsewhere). I’m deleting the shortcut from my phone and stopping the email notifications. I have spent countless hours here reading and responding. If I come back for anything it will be to work recruitment for my alliance, The Pirate Rangers, of The Pirate Horde family, or to find information to help my players.
  2. After this PoV (since I already paid for it), I will back off my play time to leading and helping my players to the best of my ability while limiting my screen time.

I wouldn’t still be playing this game today without my alliance mates and you all, but this chapter needs to close so I can start the next one.

I will miss you!

Edit#2 I’ll swing by today to say goodbye in the comments/catch up with anyone who is around


I’ll miss you too!

Only having 5 alliance chat rooms with you is really going to cut down on our time together. :face_with_monocle: :pirate_flag:


Best of luck to you in your Masters program! I hate seeing active members leave but this for a great reason. All the best to you.


I’ll miss you buddy!

Still catch ya in Line which is the main thing!

Stay safe and all the best with returning to school :stuck_out_tongue:


With the rash of players quitting over what appears to be primarily Telluria and / or Telluria threads, it is heartening to hear someone leaving due to deliberate, considered factors in their life. Best of luck to you in your masters program!

Clutch save.


I am genuinely going to miss…the free likes you always gave me regardless of content…the loss of likes may drop me from regular status.

On a serious note, this doesn’t hit as hard because we’re still in multiple Line groups and talking pretty regularly, but anytime the forum community loses a contributing member who conveys perspectives clearly, tries to understand opposing views and is willing to re-direct their outlook based on other people’s rational arguments it is a debilitating blow. Always praying for best.


Thank you! I had thought about slipping away into greater obscurity, but figured there may be a few people that would wonder where I went away to.

I thought so, and she has put up with all of my game nonsense. She’s even allowed me to delay a goodbye kiss for to being in the middle of a titan hit, and farmed for me while I drive. She’s pretty awesome.


Yes, well then, I suggest you begin affectionately calling her ‘my sweet little loot ticket’ and reporting back to us on the results.


It’s always good to hear from players before they leave, even if it’s a rage quit, as opposed to a new real life adventure like yours.

I wish you all the best.


That is super great news, all the best - my 1.5 years in my own Master’s program were among the best in my life. I’m sure you’ll have a rewarding experience!

and kudos for - despite this exciting new chapter - thinking about the continued development of those in your alliance.

All the best, I’m sure you’ll do great!


Take care dude always loved your name :+1:



Okay okay, it’s because of real life, but STILL!!

Fine. I applaud your adult management of time and all that. Im going to miss you though. :cry:


Good luck to you, Alien-Dude!

Real life should always take precedence over both game and forum nonsense. Sounds like you’ve got a great opportunity ahead of you, so cheers to that, and your continued successes! :beers:

Cool alliance name, BTW.


Wahoo! That must be very exciting for you! I am happy for you. I had a friend go into masters. They discontinued it 1 year from her graduating it, i hope you have better luck!


Thank you!

Me too, fortunately the school’s only focus has been my degree program for over 100 years, so hopefully that provides some security


Of all the raptors, you are the most supremely alien. I hope all will be well with you, good sir. :slightly_smiling_face:


Of all the alien raptors, you are the most supreme. I hope all will be well with you, good sir. :slightly_smiling_face:


What an excellent reason to cut back, congratulations. Best to you on your masters program and I hope you will check back on occasion

Be well and thanks for all of your contributions.


All the best for your Masters’ program. I am happy that you are cutting down on the tertiary activities rather than quitting the game completely, which is great. All the best for all your future endeavors. :slight_smile:


I know you’re away and won’t see this, probably, but… it’s good to know you’re still out there in E&P land.

til we meet again :slight_smile:


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