Goodbye, and best of luck to you all

This is 100% accurate. We get and level all our best heroes really just for war and even the war chest has pitiful rewards. What’s the point?


Wishing you all the best of luck and fun in life.

For sure can really relate to most things you mentioned.

I have also begun to simply give up when up against the setups, that takes forever to be done firing. Often it even makes my screen going black, due to time runs.

This has made me begun to simply avoid fighting them, and in aw, i just get a big fat zero in points.

Im not really sure what they want to obtain from this idiotic move? except getting people like you to quit the game… should not be needed to simply give up due to taking forever for the opponents heroes to be done firing.

Anyways i can so relate to your reasons, that it for sure gives me fuel to also leave the game as well, unless they really want to have regular people playing.

Lastly. Im danish which means that if im to purchase anything in the game, it means i have to pay 40% more than example an american shall, for the excatly same thing, despite it does not cost a penny more to develop to any country…

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You have to pay a tax for bringing Lars Von Trier into the world.

To that i have no argument, and accept paying whatever requirred :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

But still paying 40% extra for the excatly same thing is, and should not be allowed.

Your points about slow leveling unless you spend gobs of money, and lackluster rewards for tourneys and events, resonates with me.

Events should GREATLY help your ability to level your heroes. Instead it’s another hero draw. So if you beat all the odds you get … another 5-star that it will take you forever to level.

Sono totalmente d’accordo con te anche io sono già stanco di cercare a migliorare ma senza Eroi è impossibile

After 6 years I stopped actively playing and donating. Because the:
1 The chance of pulling out a really good hero is negligible.
2 Even if you pull it out, there is nothing to pump it with, because the probability of 4* items falling out of chests and titans has decreased by 10 times over 5 years.
3 After leveling up, you need scraps and emblems - these are also resources.
4 When you finally pull it out, upgrade it and break it, the hero will become irrelevant.

All points 1-4 can be accelerated for a very large donation. But then, anyway, the heroes will either be nerfed or much more powerful ones will be released. This means that a large donation is constantly needed. This is not for me.

An option is to look for rivals according to your level. If in raids by spending meat you can find opponents of my level, then in tournaments some are given by teams 500-1000 stronger than mine and the promised “exciting week” turns into 2-3 days with a rank of 50-75%.

And there are also a lot of events in the game, which have many stages, and in each stage there are many waves. I can complete them, and spending resources only in the last wave at the last stages. But I can’t complete them with auto battle, and I have to spend a lot of time completing events in order to get tokens and another “valuable rare 3* hero”


All valid points but they were equally valid six years ago :man_shrugging:

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I might not say… equally.

Six years ago, there were no emblems.
Or Master Emblems.
No limit break.
No second limit break.
No costumes.
No second and third costumes.
No extra special event-only 4* troops.
No 5* troops.

So, the treadmill was significantly shorter and didn’t have so many bottlenecks.

Six years ago, you might not feel the pinch of time to get a hero leveled so fast because your hero would often still be useful for a good while, heck, for multiple years — and without the need to re-summon the hero all over again to get the costume that might make it more relevant again.

Six years ago, 4* heroes were arguably more generally useful overall outside of 4*-only-contexts.

Six years ago, “this hero is actually OP” seemed to be treated more as a bug than a feature. (Not that nerfs weren’t sometimes applied hamhandedly, and could have been better considered before general release — but actual “game balance” seemed to be some consideration.)

I’m not saying there weren’t complaints and concerns in the early game, but it’s a bit broad of a brush to say they were exactly or equally the same concerns or of the same degree as more recently.


No passive abilities, no family bonuses, no hotm bonuses, but who’s counting…

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This game has really evolved from 6 years ago…multiple passives, wider stats differences, convolution of mechanisms etc.

I must disagree with the spend for pay the developers thing…

They bring so many bugs to released version so I’d not pay them a single $

Btw last 6M spent her around 5$
The game became endless release of more and more powerful heroes and events
Even if you get the so wishful hero by the time you finish lvl, lb, 2nd lb and emeblem it, it’ll be already outdated

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It’s also a bit broad-brushed to write off the valid concerns of six years ago as “too simple”. Yes, the game has become much more complex with emblems and talents and aethers and costumes and so on and so on. But it has also added ways to get those materials for free. It is actually much easier to get 4* mats now than it was six years ago, and no harder now to get aethers than the 4* mats back then. It took me almost a full year to max my first 5* hero when I started. That is laughable these days. New heroes did not appear on defences fully maxed / emblemed / LB’ed the same day they were released either. It was a different game back then, but far from perfect.

I don’t think I ever defeated a GM-Guin defence when that was the meta.

Six years from now, if the game is still around, players will be saying that we had it good. We always look back with rose-coloured glasses to the “golden age” without acknowledging the real issues involved back then. And I don’t mean just in-game. I mean everywhere.


Well I started off 6 years ago. I struggled along learning the game and trying to pick up resources to improve my few heroes. My dream then was just to be able to have 6 teams of heroes for wars. When I got them I was overjoyed and began to slowly build them up. It seemed then that there would be a plateau that you reached but over the years that ‘plateau’ has moved higher and higher. In the ‘old days’ I knew my heroes and my opponents heroes. I knew how to counter them in war - or at least try. These days in every war or raid I come upon heroes that I have never heard of, have no idea what they do and have to go through the whole battlefield checking most of their abilities. I have little idea how they will work together or what their passives will be. I spend ages on a quest, do a number of pulls and get S1 3* heroes over and over again. Even if I spend a little money it’s the same but now I have the final solution - Quit the game and play something else; a game where you pay a set amount to buy the game and then spend time enjoying it. No new hetoes, no nerfs, no LB1, LB2, passives, emblems, mutliple costumes. Finally peace, tranquillity and enjoyment. Yes there is life after E&P!


There is. Even when I exit the game for the day. I don’t let E&P become my life. I don’t even let work become my life.