Goodbye Anchor7DD. Thank you

I want to start a thread here for everyone to say goodbye to Anchor and take a moment to appreciate all he has given to the community. I want him to know how much he was appreciated. Please, only positive comments and appreciation if you reply or post.


Where’s he going???

He’s quitting the game. Don’t know if its permanent but he posted that he needed to step away.

That’s a shame. The whole game or just the forum.

The whole game. So sad … I so looked forward to his videos. He put a lot into giving us all that content and trying to support the game community.


Agreed. 20 missed hero ratings

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I think I missed where he said the whole game. I read it as stepping away from the forum but still being available to players and his alliance?

This is a sad day for the E&P community.
Anchor, all the best to you. You have made this game better for everyone.
Blessings in all your endeavors.


He posted his goodbye in his Discord. It might be circulating in Line, also. You can read the banner for the Seven Days Departed alliance in game.


@anchor posted a long and thoughtful valedictory on the 7D Discord today confirming that he is leaving the game entirely.

It saddens me that he made this decision. Whatever you may think about Anchor, I know him to be a passionate, caring and thoughtful leader who cared deeply about his allies and the broader community—both the 7D family and the entire E&P community. I for one will miss him, and i think collectively we have been made better by his hard work, willingness to share, and leadership.

Thank you, Anchor, and god-speed in whatever community is fortunate enough to engage you next.


For those that don’t want to spend the time to find it… :grin:


Dear Anchor,

I have learned SO much from you. You taught me not to be afraid of Wu Kong…and to try things that felt way out of my reach. You taught me that mentoring even in a game can be meaningful and worthwhile, and I am growing in mentoring skills as I grow in game skills. You are woven into the fabric of this community and helped create a culture of support. SINCERE thanks!!! I wish you all the best.
Blessings with love,
Joyful818/Shining of Knights of the Cross


Totally get why Anchor is leaving (I read the message) but its sad to see him go. Best wishes Anchor, I hope your come back and play again some day.


I viewed a lot of his videos and he definitely put a lot of time and effort into content to help players in this community. Unfortunately, I cannot argue with much of what he said in his farewell.

His absence will most definitely be felt. Good luck to you in all your endeavors, Anchor.


Where can I see the message he left??

@LadySuzanne did you just post the banner or the whole discourse? I would love to understand why he’s leaving…

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It was shared on the 7D Discord, which is open to the public to join. You can find it if you search the Forum or visit the 7D website.

Presumably @Anchor would have posted it on the Forum too if he wanted to, since he’s posted many times on the Forum before. So I’m not inclined to post it on his behalf, but you can certainly seek it out.


It’s very long and certain parts of it show correspondence with SGG so posting it here would just be flagged and deleted. go to and look at the last announcement channel msg.


Just the banner so everyone wouldn’t have to search for it.

This thread was solely started as a Thank You to Anchor. I am sure there will be people who want to know the reasons why and his goodbye can be found on Discord.

Thank you for sharing the link.


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