Good titan player without Wu Kong

Hi. I need your opinions, is it possible to hit 8-9* titans 20+k without Kong? And if yes, then how? :wink:

It is. Sometimes I forget to use healing pot after first hit and then he’s suddenly dead :sob: Anyway, even with dead (unused) Wu I scored over 20k multiple times on 8* titan, even with rainbow team. You just need buffer (BT/Kiril), debuffer (Grimm/Gormek/Tiburtus) and decent board.

Boldtusk + Isarnia/ramming pulverizer

Thank you guyz, you raised my hope :wink:

I have the same problem. I have a strong team but I don’t do the damage to the titan that I should be. Members with weaker teams are doing more damage than me.

Post a screenshot of your roster, I’m sure people will be happy to give you some tips

This is all my best hero’s.

First of all, start levelling Skittleskull as you have no green heroes that can really do any damage yet.

After that, if you want to maximise your titan score with those heroes you should focus on Gormek and Kiril.
Get them up to level 60 on 3rd ascension tier. Kirils special will make your whole team hit harder and live longer, while Gormeks defence drop will make them do even more damage. That’s your key to getting your highest possible score.

Next, finish maxing Bane, and getting Chao as high as you can. If you don’t have the materials to ascend him fully yet, that won’t take long. You can also finish getting Scarlett up to 3/60 too.

After that you can start working on Sonya, Tyrum, Caedmon and/or Belith. Then you will have at least 2 options in every colour. By this point, you will probably have picked up a better dark hero than Tyrum also (Tiburtus would be ideal, but Sabina, Rigard, Cyprian are all better than Tyrum).

You can get all 4* heroes up to 3/60 without any rare ascension materials, so it may be time consuming but it won’t be difficult.
For now, forget Elena. She may look good but she’s a luxury. Until you can ascend her to the final tier (which is difficult as it requires rare items), she is weaker than you might think, and less useful than Gormek, and probably less use than Scarlett at 3/60 (I’m not 100% sure on that though.)

When you have two of each colour, you can start doubling up on titans weaknesses and taking out the weak colours.
So for yellow titans, use Balthazar, Tyrum (or someone new), Kiril, Gormek and Skittle.
Purple titans; switch Balthazar and Tyrum out for Chao and Bane
Red titans; Kiril and Valen, Gormek, Balthazar and Chao. You can switch Valen out for Sonya when she’s ready, or take Balthazar out and run all 3 blue for maximum but slightly risky damage.
Green titans; Gormek and Scarlett, Chao, Skittle and Kiril. Even though Kiril is weak to green, I would still keep him here for his attack & defence buffs, and switch out a neutral colour instead.
Blue titans - I would use Kiril and Valen (for Valens fast mana defence break instead of Gormek), Caedmon and Skittle, and Chao.

Don’t worry about the ‘hero missing’ tiles that don’t do damage when you’re not using heroes in every colour, the strong colours hit for roughly double damage so by using two of that colour your tiles are gonna be hitting roughly 4x their normal power.
And don’t forget, team power isn’t everything, it’s about the heroes you have available and how they work together.

Edit; forgot to mention but if you want to strengthen your team, get used to farming if you’re not already. Spend as long as you can redoing early levels such as 5-8 and 8-7, where you can pick up tons of recruits, swords and backpacks for use in your training centre, for low World Energy cost, as your TC is gonna be working overtime. Run training centres levels 1 and 2 as much as you can. Forget the elemental training levels 5-9, they’re uneconomical. If you run out of swords/backpacks, use level 4 (cheap and slow) until you can get more, or level 11 if you have unlocked it. When you log off at night, make sure TC level 4 (or 11) is running through the night.


And finally, small mana potions, axes/arrows, bear and turtle banners are your friend against titans, you can get them early on so make sure you’re using them.

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do NOT at ANY POINT level Skittleskull before you level Caedmon. Unless you are swimming in Sturdy Shields you will regret it later. Caedmon is MUCH better all around. Take him to 70 if you have shields and then take Skittle to 60 as a 2nd green.

Also, do NOT finish leveling Bane before you finish taking Chao as high as you can, especially since he’s already Tier 3 lvl 37. Chao >> Bane.

Agree as above, Kiril and Gormek should be your leveling priorities along with Caedmon (as you have literally no leveled greens). His comments about the attack buff (Kiril) and defense debuff (Gormek) are spot on.


I originally had Caed first then Skittle but switched it before posting. If we’re talking purely about improving titan damage Skittle has the better base attack (by quite a way), so the tile damage improves considerably, as well as a secondary effect that’s at least slightly useful on titans over one that isn’t, and his Skittle has a slight head-start on Caed. The reason I suggested focusing on getting everyone to 3/60 is that it doesn’t require unfarmable ascension materials. Get them all to 3/60 so you have a strong foundation, then decide who you want to spend the rarer materials on; should’ve been clearer on that. If I had a troop token for every “why did I max Skittleskull!!!” I’ve ever seen… :star_struck:

As for Chao and Bane, I just meant do them both together. It’ll only take a few days as they’re both nearly ready and then holy is out of the way.

I’ve ditched skittle because of slow mana. Kiril doesn’t seem to last very long at all where Sonya does. She’s also higher than him. Caedmon is just waiting for his 3rd ascention. As for purple I’m just waiting for the elemental summons box to turn purple and then I’m going to use my gems for a 4 or 5 star hero in purple.
This is the team that I’m left with now. Everyone is the same minus Skittle. I am going to work on Gormek as soon as Scarlett Has been ascended. I don’t use Elena at all because she is rubbish and slow mana.

Updated picture showing new levels. Screenshot_2018-01-05-23-12-58

It looks like you just need to upgrade your heroes and you’ll be in fine shape. :slight_smile:

Caedmon is SO useful not only against titans but in raids and events. The current crop of heroes uses buffs heavily, and the ability to remove those is of increasing value. All five of the new event heroes use buffs extensively, as do most of the Heroes of the Month.

My usual 4* team has Caedmon to debuff and Rigard to clean off negative status from my team.

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Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. I need a good defence hero preferably purple. Any suggestions. I’m trying to get 2 hero’s of every colour for the titan battles.

Thank you for your help. I need a defence hero preferably purple. Do you have any suggestions.

Tibertus, Sabina and Rigard are all great in their own domain. The latter two heal, with Sabina debuffing (like Caedmon) and Rigard cleaning your team (very useful against Colen, Azlar, etc). Tibertus has a great defense debuff, like Gormek and Grimm. Merlin, in the upcoming event, is a very interesting 4* purple hero.

In 5* purples, Sartana reigns supreme among the still-available heroes. I routinely warn newer players away from leveling up 5* heroes early, though. They use a huge amount of food, feeders, and time. Tibertus at full power is probably a better hero than Sartana at 3/70, and is less costly to get there.

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I’m poor in the Purple department (though I love my Cyprian when so many hate on him).

I defer to Kerridoc on this one. :wink:


We should form the Cyprian fan club! He has saved my bacon on several occasions, particular challenge events against area attacks like Guardian Kong. Less useful in this month’s event, though, as Guen and Morgan slip by unhurt.


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