It would have a good idea if we can see which players of the Ally still did not attack the titan, therefore we can alert them in time.

In your Ally you can see every companion, but in the titan attack list you only see who have done the attack on the titan.

I Suggest to insert everyone in the ally in that list, just with 0 damage on who is not active on the titan.

It is possible?


I want that the best titan attacker, in the first place, can get better prizes. What you think?

That’s exactly what happens. The key word is ‘can’. Best attacker, at A+ status, gets the best random rolls for loot.
Unfortunately, those rolls are still random, like all other loot rolls, so they can and often do get worse loot than other attackers.

Very low chance of getting good prizes for the best attack. It gets the same, attacking the least points, likewise gets the most points attacked.

Its better than A, B or C.
But by a small margin.
Exactly like @Paulon says.

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