Good problems to have: scopes for Fenrier or Cobalt?

So I’ve had a really lucky month and pulled both Fenrir and cobalt. Defenders 370 and Cobalt is headed that way.

Who gets the scopes? I’ve currently got one set.

I most likely won’t use either of them on defense, And my max blues are pretty strong already with:

Athena +7
Aerial +18
Costume Richard +11
Costume Magni
Vela + 7
Scadi + 4

Also in contention for scopes is Frida, But it seems like those other two are superior choices.

Any thoughts?

I’d say Cobalt 100%. Unless they nerf him, he is OP on offense.

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Between the two I’d say cobalt but Frida on titan is useful.

That’s kind of my feeling. Even the second level of his special seems devastating

Cobalt any way.

stronger for titans, raids, tournaments, probably even defense.

Fenrir can shine on defense if there is alot of splash dmg so he finishes the job, but in most cases normal sniper would work better

think I’d max frida then cobalt

but that’s just me


Cobalt 100%. He is a better alternative for the nerfed Vela on defense because of his monstrous attack stat and damage skill multiplier, and very awesome on offense. Until SG nerfs him because sooner or later, the whiners will come to the forum and complain that Cobalt is OP or broken and needs a huge nerf.

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In my honest opinion, Cobalt, then Frida then Fenrir.
However, thinking with a long head, Cobalt will probably get a nerf at some point, so perhaps Frida is your best long term bet.
But these days with SG balancing strategy who knows


Table comparation Cobalt

Heroes Desc Base Damage
Cobalt - Charge 1 (5 tiles) Very fast 6.5 tiles 2322.9
Cobal - Charge 2 (10 tiles) Avarage 10 tiles 2603.25
Cobalt - Charge 3 (15 tiles) Very slow 13.5 tiles 2883.6

Definetly Frida 100% 1st. Frida make another blue so much high values.

1000% Cobalt.
My Mitsuko can’t even counter that sh*t cause bypassing Def skill

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Ohh, that’s a good point. I’d forgotten about that as a skill to pass through.

Will probably go Cobalt.

Frida still gets use at 3.70 and her color def down is just as effective there as at 4.80.

Yep but we don’t know if he gonna get nerf in the future or not. So it’s uncertain. As for Frida it’s for sure gonna stay as it was.

But I think Cobalt is really worth for now even in Defense.
3 charged, your Mitsuko even do nothing at all to stop him cause 100% bypass.

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I really don’t think we should choose our heroes to max based on rumors or alternative facts.

First, I don’t think SG will release another pair of HotMs as broken together as Telluria and Vela.

Second, seasonal or event heroes are quite rare. There is a huge difference how many Ninjas there ever will be comparing to any HotM. SG only took action, when nearly all of top players were using same GM-Tell-Vela -defense. I really don’t see how any event hero will ever been as widely used.

Third, Ninjas are more attack heroes. How are people able to complain SG that it was Cobalt who killed their def team? You only see a fraction of your opponents roster, and what you see are more likely def heroes than what are used attacking.

Fourth, It will take ages to nerf a hero. It took half a year to do really much needed nerf to Tell and Vela. It didn’t happen in seconds with Guinevere either. I’m quite sure we’ll hear about future nerfs and buffs before they happen. SG normally gives us info about those things (I know last one happened out of the blue sky, but I really don’t see why they would continue to do so)

I would go with Cobalt and I will go with Cobalt when I get scopes. Poor Alice will be passed once again (last time it was costumed Magni and Ariel before that).


Frida is good for red titans, but you already have Athena. Cobalt is a monster in offense… In defense i’ll put mine the right wing, charge lvl3 = game over^^

But Athena def down and Frida def down stack which is the point.

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That’s right^^ and Frida will do her job on red titans at LVL 3_70… I don’t use her in any other situation, so in my opinion the scopes are for Cobalt


They haven’t patched this yet. Just the other day my Cobalt obliterated himself on Mitsuko with an x3 charge (100% bypass).

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