Good News... There 's a new version available in store... HELP!

When try to enter the game a window pops up with this message… Press Update button go to Play Store (Android) and then there is no Update button… just Uninstall and Open… Press open and then again go to game and pops up same window

I read other posts and did what instructed

Clear cache and data
Reinstall Google Play Store
Reinstall Game

And same problem

Funny thing this only happens with my main account, my Alt account log in with no problem… All started when new Winter theme was displayed in my main account…


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Sometimes I do this. Go to update screen…drag finger down. It sometimes updates whatever is waiting there.

Have you tried it?

My uploads aren’t automatic so sometimes I need to physically get them. I just did this (finger swipe down) and found four updates that weren’t showing, including the latest E&P. :+1:

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There is no update pendings in my phone…

Please see question. Have you done this? :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. This post seems relevant to me (not necessarily KaptainGanya) as I play on multiple devices. I guess I’ll just keep watching in the updates tab for Google Play until I see it.

I play with 2 devices but with different accounts… My alt account can access the game in either of both phones… My main account got the new setup for Winter (Base was with snow) but my alt account did not… I think this have something to do with that issue… Not everybody got the new setup…

I think developers screw up and now if we have to wait in a middle of the event and with a war matchmaking coming , it is completely unfair. I also have VIP so i will lose the gems and summons just because they delivered an update not tested properly… This is really annoying…

I can’t believe that solution would be to wait few days just to play again… That is not accepted about customer service in a top game developing company… it is completely ridiculous

Member of my alliance have same problem, the game gives a message there is new update, and when she goes to play store there is no update. I can enter the game, and play it, but i don’t get an update in play store…

I’m not sure what the answer is for those who have tried all of these methods without success, but I let SG know about this thread.

I also have 2 accounts and 2 devices. Did you just switch the accounts on the same device? Use the phone and working account. Sign out, sign in and a GP message will pop in to choose between the 2 accounts. As long as you say that device is already updated, you can connect with both accounts on it. Play with one half hour, with the other half hour and so on, to not waste WE, VIP, chests, attacks at tournament, etc. Meanwhile is easy to solve the problem on the other device. Uninstall the Google Play too, not only the game. After these 2 operations, install only the game, not GP yet. Begin playing the game since the beginning. The game will open, obviously, is like you’d be a new player for the first time. After the tutorial, do not close the app. Install GP meanwhile. After tutorial you can access your menu and sign in, that’s all.

It was solved when I could update thia morning… But for about 12 hours Update was not available in Google Store…

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My phone updated and this is also no longer an issue for me. Not sure when it updated, but probably this morning.

While it was annoying about not being able to play, this didn’t seem unreasonable. It makes sense as a general rule to not be able to play on a new version, then back to the older version, and back to the new to avoid potential exploits. Also it makes sense to have different versions (which would apply to different devices), but to not roll them all out at the same time (common software practice). I’d say really the only thing to maybe improve on would be to try to roll the different versions out faster.

Some people could continue playing while others could not That is not fair… Even in the same platform… I could play with my alt account in both Android phones, but not with my main account in neither of them… So there was an issue about their release…

Yeah, that sounds like something different than what I was experiencing since you were able to use two phones to play on one account but not the other. Something indeed seems wrong. Also, since you are paying for VIP on the main account and I’m assuming lost a day due to this it would seem reasonable compensation for SGG to extend it for a day if they are able to.

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