Good news and bad news – Past HOTM in Atlantis Summons (Good), and Chances of Pulling Them (Bad)

I would first like to thank sg for adding all the past hero in the Atlantis summon. (That was the good news).
The bad news is we have 0.03% chance in pulling them. Lmao.
Which means we have a better chance in getting hit by lightning then pulling a past Atlantis hero.
I always see complaints So I figured I would start a thank you thread for adding something to the game.

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Twenty lightning strikes

More exactly,

1.3% chance per pull of getting one of the featured Legendary heroes (Ariel, Atomos, Aeron, Musashi), which means

0.325% chance per pull of getting a particular one of these.

I did 104 pulls this morning, got one Classic 5*, one featured 5*, and one Hotm — exacty in line with the expected values.


Expected values?! But I want to get who I want on every pull!


That’s a great pull congrats. I did around 240 pulls last Atlantis trying to get kage only 5* I got was joon so for you to get 3 5* is great.

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A guy in my alliance did a 30 pull this morning and got 2xatomos ariel mushahi and magni, and a bit later kunchen from a single coins pull. That is epic luck xD

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Isn’t that legendary luck? :wink:


Has it been confirmed that all heroes within a given category are equally likely? For example, could Aeron and Musashi be .5% each and Ariel and Atomos be .15% each?

Indeed… xD but i didn’t ask him how many 4* he got, maybe is still epic if he got like 15 xD

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