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You should have six teams just like you do for war…Will make it easier not to lose characters when lvling up…Thanks for ur time

I might misunderstood what you asked . But in case you’re afraid of feeding one hero you want by mistake, then go to Hero Roster, click on a Hero, look at top left, you’ll see a lock there, press on it and you’re safe.

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You can save your heroes from being fed. When you click on the hero’s card there is a little padlock in the corner. If you click it, the hero is favourited and blocked from being chosen as a training food.

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I like it, but separate from your usual 5 rooster slots.

It could be done, when you set up your defense team, you also set up 6 attack teams, sure… why not?


Why would you set up attack teams before seeing what defense you’re attacking? Choose your attackers after you’ve chosen your target, and tailor your attackers to counter their specials

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Because, NPNKY, I never needed to worry about that until I started into the 4* hero range. At challenges under 2500, I found that a balanced team of my best heroes was usually sufficient for everything I encountered… especially as I wouldn’t necessarily have a deep or broad field of well-leveled people, just a few “people I can no longer level”, some people I was levelling, and the rest was just dross… waiting to be levelled, at best, as other people got stuck, or even place-holders until I got decent heroes to fill them.

Above 2500, it gets more tricky and strategic… there are more advantages to selecting specific heroes against specific challenges.

Could just make a separate roster editor that is only active during war and let us preset our war attack teams during prep but leave them editable even after war starts.

Gives us an organized starting point of which heros we want to use when but then keep it editable so we can adapt it for our opponents still.

Some people get scatterbrained and use heros at different times than they originally intended. Think it would help.

Just my 2 cents on the expanding to 6 teams stuff. I don’t see it as a need all the time but during war it would be nice especially if we can do it without messin up our other 5 teams.

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