Good loot without the demands of Top 100 - 10* Controlled Environment - No Item Use

Looking to bring together experienced players that is tired of the demands in the Top 100 but still want great loot. We’ve tracked thousand of chests, not only is the loot not better, it puts a huge strain on resources. The idea is to get 30+ members together who have the same goals

Daily Titan Loot apart from the controlled drop
Little to no use of 3 & 4* items
Max Titan part loot. Each member must use 4 harpoons in total
No stress. If you can average 20k hits against 12* titans a 10* should be a walk in the park
Extensive & detailed toolkit include: Online Trackers, tools, planners and calculators

Titan Flag Policy:
Kill Titan by 12th hour mark. 3 flags when the Titan spawn +2 = Extra loot
10* Titans - Controlled (Higher level Titan loot does not justify item use)
Titan HP: 3 168 000 - Minimum 80k damage. Target 105k. 22k Average

War: (Optional)
6 teams preferred but not required
The attack strategy will have the usual guidelines but flexible
Open war policy to take away the stress of hitting at certain times and neglecting sleep & life.

Alliance Environment:
Have fun in your own time. The goal is to wrestle back real life time and still earn top loot. Chat may be quiet because of that, that is a good sign.
We will be organised and have Line and Facebook to announce & coordinate, but it will be kept to the minimum.

Final thought:
To achieve this goal may take a while, once in place I hope to have a group together that all have the same abilities regardless if you are F2P or P2W.
Many players with flat rosters outperform big spenders purely on ability, join us if you consider yourself such a player. I battled 10*'s for nearly a year with only 4* heroes as I saved the mats for the right 5* heroes to come along. I did use items, but not to the point that it crippled the inventory like a 12* does.

The Dragon Whisperers will be the main alliance and sister alliances will be available for members that need to rest or restock (growing players that can handle 10* with the use of items & who want to join)
Current lower level members will be moved to full alliances where they can grow quicker without the burden of facing much stronger war teams & titans because of the presence of high level members.

I’m intrigued by this. The relentless hunt against 4.3 mil titans is wearing me out. Got a line channel or discord people could join for more info.

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